broad, great, large, long, mighty, wide

the mighty River Nile

The river was too wide to swim across comfortably.


major rivers such as the Congo

little, narrow, small

The river is still high after the recent rain.

raging, rushing, white-water, wild
flowing, free-flowing
lazy, slow-moving, sluggish
frozen, icy
meandering, winding

The river was swollen after the floods.


The river is navigable by vessels of up to 90 tons.

coastal, mountain

the Ganges and other sacred rivers

cross, ford, get across

We crossed the river by boat.

How are we going to get across the river?


We had to swim the river. which is deep and very rapid.


I had decided to follow the river to my destination.


They've bridged the river at four points.


The bridge once spanned the river Serein.


Wildlife groups are protesting against the proposal to dam the river.


plans to divert the river further north


They're dredging the river to make it safer for larger boats.


The rocks make the river hard to navigate.

flow, run, wind

This river flows into the Gulf of Mexico.

A river runs through the field.

The river winds its way through the hills.


The river has risen with the rains.

The river rises in central Africa.

be in flood (BrE), burst its banks, flood (sth), overflow sth

The river had overflowed its banks.

dry up

This river dried up long ago.

bed, bottom

when the river level is low

basin, channel, delta, mouth, plain, valley
barge, boat, steamer
cruise, trip
rock (esp. AmE)

as smooth as river rocks

city, port, town

a river town in Borneo

across a/the river

There's a bridge across the river.

along a/the river, down a/the river

We walked along the river.

They sailed down the river.

down by a/the river, down to a/the river

Let's go down to the river at sunset.

into a/the river

He dived into the river.

in a/the river

Trout live in this river.

on a/the river

There was a boat on the river.

up a/the river

We were sailing up the river.

river of (figurative)

a river of lava

the banks, bottom, middle, side, surface, etc. of a river, the river's edge

They were waiting for us on the other side of the river.

a bend in the river
the course of a river, the direction of a river

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