broad, wide
busy, congested
clear, deserted, empty, lonely, quiet

Let's leave when the roads are clear.


The airport's near here but there's no direct road.

curvy (AmE), twisting, twisty, winding, windy
asphalt, blacktop (AmE), cobbled, cobblestone (esp. AmE), flat, gravel, metalled (esp. BrE), paved, Tarmac™ (esp. BrE)
good, smooth

All main roads were passable with care.

bad, bumpy (often figurative), dirt (esp. AmE), poor, rough, rutted, unmade (BrE), unpaved

a bumpy road through the forest

dangerous, difficult, hard, rocky, tough (all usually figurative)

Bringing up a handicapped child can be a long and hard road.

easy (often figurative)

It isn't going to be an easy road for him.

slick (AmE), slippery
dusty, icy, muddy, snowy, wet
dark (often figurative)
long (often figurative), main, major, national, trunk (BrE)
back, local, minor (esp. BrE), secondary, small, unclassified (BrE)

the old dirt road to the village


the building of new roads

one-lane, two-lane, etc.
single-track (BrE)
country, rural
urban (esp. BrE)
county (esp. AmE)
residential (esp. BrE)
private, public
dead-end (often figurative)

The government's policy on education is a dead-end road.


We'll be able to go faster once we're out on the open road.

right, wrong

We took the wrong road and had to turn back.

It does appear we are on the right road to success. (figurative)

east-west, etc.
canyon (AmE), coast (esp. BrE), coastal, country, desert, forest, mountain
access, arterial (esp. BrE), bypass, feeder, frontage (AmE), perimeter, ring (BrE), side, slip (BrE)
high, low
follow, go down

Follow the road around to the left.

We have discussed privatization, but we would prefer not to go down that road. (figurative)

take, turn into (BrE), turn onto

Take the next road on the right.

Turn right into Harpes Road.

Turn left onto the coastal road.

turn off
pull (out) into (BrE), pull (out) onto

He was hit by another car as he pulled out onto the road.

leave, pull off

They stopped in a forest, leaving the main road.

The car left the road and slid to a halt.

I pulled off the road for a rest.

drive (esp. AmE), travel (also figurative), walk (esp. AmE, often figurative)

I must have driven the back roads for half an hour.

They have travelled/traveled the long, lonely road of exclusion.

He walks a road filled with shadow and doubt.


We have chosen the road of peace.

cross, get across
join, meet (esp. AmE)

The track joins the main road just south of the town.

block, block off (esp. AmE), blockade, close, cordon off (BrE)

Angry farmers blocked the road with their tractors.

Police cordoned off the road and diverted commuter traffic.

clog, clog up (BrE)

Traffic clogs the roads.


The crowd eventually cleared the road.

They cleared the roads of snow.

build, construct, rebuild
maintain, mend (BrE), repair
pave, resurface (BrE), surface (BrE)

Huge eucalyptuses lined the road.

The crowds lined the roads for his triumphal entry.

go, lead, run

Where does this road go?

The road runs parallel to the river.


the road stretched out before them.

The road stretches off into the distance.

bend (BrE), curve, turn, twist, wind

The road twists and turns up the hillside.


The road climbs steeply from the beach.

cross sth

The road crosses the river further up the valley.

connect sth, link sth

the road connecting Irado and Calla Ayda

branch (esp. BrE), branch off, fork

Our road branches off to the left just past the woods.

narrow, widen

The road narrowed and turned into this dirt trail.

atlas, map
markings, sign
intersection, junction
bridge, crossing, tunnel
block (usually roadblock), blockade
bump, hump (BrE) (usually speed humps in BrE, speed bumps in AmE)

Road bumps have been laid down to limit the speed of cars.

infrastructure, network, system

the surrounding road system

layout (BrE)
access, link

There is still no road access to the island.

development, plan (esp. BrE), programme/program (esp. BrE), project, proposal (BrE), scheme (BrE)
building, construction

loans for road construction and infrastructure development

maintenance, repair

the cost of road maintenance

journey (esp. BrE), trip (informal, esp. AmE)
accident, crash (esp. BrE), smash (BrE), traffic accident
deaths, fatalities (both esp. BrE)
traffic, vehicles
engineer (esp. BrE)
haulier (BrE) (hauler in AmE)
haulage (BrE)
sweeper (esp. BrE)
pricing, tax (in the UK), toll (esp. BrE)

Road tax is set to rise in next month's budget.

Road tolls can make driving expensive.

hog (informal)
warrior (esp. AmE)

A man has been stabbed to death in a road-rage attack.

manners, sense (both esp. BrE)

poor driving standards and lack of road manners

kill (usually roadkill)

scavengers that feed off roadkill

rash (= scratches on the skin from falling from a bicycle) (AmE)

She was treated for road rash.

across the road

The house across the road is for sale.

along the road

He was walking along the road when he was attacked.

by road

It takes three hours by road (= driving).

down the road, up the road

They live down the road from us.

in the road

There was a dog in the road so we stopped.

We live in Pinsley Road. (BrE)

We live on Pinsley Road. (BrE, AmE)

into the road

She stepped out into the road without looking.

off the road

My car's off the road at the moment while I recondition the engine.

on a/the road

There's something lying on the road.

There was a lot of traffic on the road this morning.

on the road to Damascus

My car is back on the road (= is working) again.

We'd been on the road since dawn and needed a rest.

road along, road over, road through

the main road through the town

road from, road to

the road to Acapulco

to be on the road to recovery/success (figurative)

at the side of the road (esp. BrE), by the side of the road, on the side of the road
the bottom of the road (BrE), the top of the road
the end of the road (often figurative)

This latest disagreement could mean the end of the road for the band.

a bend in the road, a fork in the road, a turn in the road

We came to a fork in the road.

the middle of the road

A dog was sitting in the middle of the road, so we stopped.

the middle road (figurative)

Kaufman has opted to travel the middle road.

a stretch of road

a notoriously dangerous stretch of road

hit the road

The following spring I hit the road.

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