bank, hotel, office
close, lock
break into, crack
be, feel, seem
keep, remain, stay
make sth, render sth

The army experts made the bomb safe.

keep sth

Keep your money safe by carrying it in an inside pocket.

consider sth, declare sth, deem sth

The water was not considered safe to drink.

extremely, fairly, very, etc.
absolutely, completely, entirely, perfectly, quite, totally

a completely safe and secure environment for young children

The woods are never entirely safe for women on their own.

comparatively, reasonably, relatively

You should be safe enough, but don't go too far.

inherently, intrinsically

an environmentally safe form of energy


They were safe from attack.


Your money will be safe with me.

better safe than sorry
play it safe, play safe (BrE)

I decided to play it safe and wore a formal suit.

safe and sound

They returned from their adventure safe and sound.

Safe is used with these nouns: ↑alternative, ↑arrival, ↑assumption, ↑bet, ↑confines, ↑custody, ↑delivery, ↑disposal, ↑distance, ↑driver, ↑driving, ↑drug, ↑environment, ↑ground, ↑guess, ↑harbour, ↑haven, ↑home, ↑house, ↑investment, ↑journey, ↑landing, ↑level, ↑limit, ↑manner, ↑margin, ↑navigation, ↑neighbourhood, ↑passage, ↑place, ↑practice, ↑prediction, ↑refuge, ↑return, ↑road, ↑route, ↑seat, ↑sex, ↑storage, ↑trip, ↑use, ↑vaccine, ↑water, ↑zone

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