added, extra, greater, increased

The seat is bolted in place for added safety.

comparative, reasonable, relative

A blizzard forced the climbers back to the relative safety of their tents.

complete, perfect

Walkways allow visitors to enter the caves in perfect safety.

long-term, temporary
child, passenger, patient, worker

The house will have to be rearranged with a view to child safety.

personal, physical, public
fire, food, nuclear, etc.
air, aviation, road, traffic, etc.
environmental, home, industrial, occupational, workplace

an organization for psychologists and other researchers in occupational safety and health

firearm, gun
assure, ensure, guarantee
enhance, improve, increase
compromise, endanger, jeopardize, risk, threaten
fear for

Police fear for the safety of the missing children.

We fear for their safety.

find, get to, make it to, reach

They thought they would never reach safety.


What made her leave the safety of her apartment?

controls, improvements, limits, measures, precautions, procedures, provisions
codes (esp. AmE), guidelines, laws, legislation, levels, policy, recommendations, regulations, requirements, rules, standards

a violation of safety codes

New safety legislation will be introduced next year.

violation (AmE)
hazard, risk
check, inspection
inspector, officer, official

The plan was rejected by the safety inspectors.

concerns, considerations, implications, issues, matters
aspect, factor

a safety-awareness campaign

campaign, initiative, training
belt, equipment, features, glasses (esp. AmE), goggles, harness, helmet, rope

The car has many safety features, including anti-skid braking.

catch (esp. BrE), device, valve
barrier, curtain, net (often figurative)

A national insurance system provides a safety net for the very poor.

glass, pin, razor, seat
for safety

The stairs are fitted with a handrail for safety.

for your own safety

The police gave him protection for his own safety.

in safety

The people want to be able to walk the streets in safety.

to safety

We managed to run to safety before the building collapsed.

safety of

She finally made it to the safety of her room.

for safety reasons

The building was evacuated for safety reasons.

health and safety

The company was fined by the health and safety inspectors.

on safety grounds

The playground was closed down on safety grounds.

a place of safety

The refugees finally reached a place of safety.

safety first

When operating machinery, remember: safety first.

Collocations dictionary. 2013.

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