1 amount not used or wasted
big, considerable, great, huge, major, significant, substantial
estimated, potential, projected

The potential savings are enormous.

cost, financial
efficiency (BrE)
energy, fuel, power

the advantages of energy saving

find, identify (esp. BrE)

We need to find savings of around €30 million.

mean, represent, result in

For a family of four this can mean a saving of around $500.

deliver, generate, give (sb), offer (sb), produce, yield

This smart new design offers considerable savings in fuel efficiency.

achieve, make, realize

We need to see where financial savings can be made.

pass on

We will pass on this saving to our customers.


Crushing fuel costs are offsetting other savings.

come from sth, result from sth

The major savings come from reduced costs.

saving for

a saving for club members

saving from

savings from the use of the new technology

saving in

a significant saving in energy costs

saving of

average savings of 30%

saving on

You can have all the benefits of membership while making a big saving on price.

saving to

This represents a saving to businesses of about £175 million a year.

with a saving

This was done, with a saving of 40% in staff costs.

2 savings money saved in a bank, etc.
life, pension, retirement
household (esp. AmE), personal, private

I don't have any savings.


My grandfather refused to put his savings in the bank.

take out, withdraw
dip into
boost, build up, increase

I was determined to build up some savings.

spend, use, use up
live off, live on

She lost her job and had to live on her savings.


The couple lost their entire life savings on the venture.

wipe out

The war had wiped out the family savings.

account, bank
bond, certificate (BrE)
plan, product (BrE), scheme (BrE), vehicle
ratio (esp. BrE)
access to your savings

The card gives you instant access to your savings.

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