1 place where sth happened
accident, crash, crime, murder

footprints found near the murder scene

attend, be on

A police officer attended the scene.

arrive at, arrive on, reach

An ambulance soon arrived at the scene of the accident.

return to, rush to
flee, leave
be called to

The police were called to the scene.

cordon off (esp. BrE)
at the scene

Police say the man died at the scene.

a gun found at the scene of the crime

on the scene

Photographers were on the scene in seconds.

scene of

The criminal often revisits the scene of the crime.

2 what you see around you
beautiful, charming, idyllic, peaceful, picturesque
bucolic, pastoral
grisly, gruesome, horrific
appalling, distressing
bizarre, extraordinary, strange

She opened the door on an extraordinary scene of disorder.


a touching domestic scene

city, country, rural, street
stare at, survey, watch, witness

He surveyed the scene with horror.

imagine, picture
recall, remember, replay

I replayed the scene in my mind.

occur, unfold

We sat in horror watching the scenes of violence unfold before us.

be reminiscent of sth

Paramedics tended the wounded in scenes reminiscent of wartime.

amid scenes of

The star arrived amidst scenes of excitement.

in a/the scene
scene from

scenes from Greek mythology

scene of

He painted scenes of country life.

The battlefield was a scene of utter carnage.

a change of scene (esp. BrE) (usually a change of scenery in AmE)

You're exhausted. What you need is a complete change of scene.

3 one part of book, play, etc.
climactic, final, last
dramatic, funny, romantic, steamy, touching, tragic

The movie has several steamy bedroom scenes.

courtroom, crowd
action, battle, chase, fight
bedroom, kissing, love, sex
cut, deleted
act, play

She plays the love scenes brilliantly.

rehearse, run through

We ran through the final scene again.

film, shoot

The scene is set in the first paragraph with an account of Sally's childhood.


The little girl stole the scene from all the big stars.

feature sb
depict sth, show sth
take place

Then the scene shifts to the kitchen.

in a/the scene

He appears in the opening scene.

scene between

There is a dramatic fight scene between the two brothers.

behind the scenes (= behind the stage)

The documentary takes a look behind the scenes at the making of the hit TV series.

a change of scene
4 public display of anger, etc.
big, little
angry (esp. BrE), terrible, ugly, unpleasant
emotional, violent
cause, create, make

Quiet! Don't make a scene!

scene between

There have been a couple of ugly scenes between him and the manager.

5 area of activity
burgeoning, flourishing, lively
international, local, world
art, arts, cultural, literary, music, musical, theatre/theater

He is heavily involved in the local art scene.

club, dance
fashion, political, social
dating, singles
drug (esp. AmE), drugs (esp. BrE), underground
folk, jazz, pop, rap, rock, etc.
be involved in, be part of
appear on, arrive on, come on, come onto

A new face has arrived on the South African literary scene.

burst onto, explode onto
vanish from

Many of the stars of the nineties have completely vanished from the music scene.

on the scene, onto the scene

the eruption of Cuban music onto the world scene

a newcomer to the scene

The movie's director is a newcomer to the Hollywood scene.

not your scene (informal)

Hillwalking is not my scene, so I stayed at home.

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