1 plan of work to be done
daily, weekly, etc.
normal, regular
ambitious, busy, demanding, full, gruelling/grueling, heavy, hectic, punishing (esp. BrE), rigorous, tight
rigid, strict
delivery, development, payment, production, training, work, etc.
filming, recording, shooting
have, maintain

She has a very demanding schedule.

arrange, design, draw up, establish, make, plan, prepare, work out
adjust, alter, juggle (AmE), rearrange
keep to, meet, stay on, stick to

We had to work a lot of overtime to meet the strict production schedule.

be ahead of, run ahead of
interrupt, take time out of

The president took time out of his busy schedule to visit our school.

fit sth into

I'm trying to fit everything into my busy schedule.

have a schedule to keep (AmE)

We have a tight schedule to keep.

according to schedule

At this stage everything is going according to schedule.

behind schedule

We're starting to slip behind schedule.

in the schedule

Allow time in the schedule for sickness.

off schedule (esp. AmE)

We're five days off schedule.

on schedule

The project is right on schedule.

2 (AmE) list showing times of events ⇨ See also ↑timetable
class, course, exam, lecture, school
bus, train

Connor checked the bus schedules for the day.


disruptions to flight schedules caused by the strike

check, compare, look at, scan
3 list of television programmes/programs
television, TV
programme (BrE), programming (esp. AmE)
daytime, evening, prime-time (esp. AmE), weekday
spring, summer, etc.
Saturday, Sunday, etc.
initially, originally

The meeting was originally scheduled for March 12.

provisionally, tentatively

The movie is scheduled for release next month.

be scheduled to begin, open, take place, etc.

The Grand Prix is scheduled to take place on July 4.

be scheduled to appear, compete, speak, etc.
Schedule is used with these nouns as the object: ↑appointment, ↑audition, ↑conference, ↑election, ↑event, ↑fixture, ↑hearing, ↑interview, ↑launch, ↑meeting, ↑session, ↑visit, ↑vote, ↑workshop

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