1 plan for getting an advantage, etc. for yourself
crazy, hare-brained

She's come up with a hare-brained scheme for getting her novel published.

get-rich-quick, moneymaking

This is not one of those get-rich-quick schemes that you see on the Internet.

money-laundering, Ponzi (AmE), pyramid
devious, diabolical, evil, fraudulent, nefarious
concoct, devise, dream up, hatch

He concocted a scheme to steal 1.9 million shares.

crack, foil, thwart, uncover
involve sth
2 way sth is designed or organized
colour/color, decorating (AmE), lighting, paint

The poem's rhyme scheme, which Dante invented, is known as ‘terza rima’.

classification, labelling/labeling, naming, numbering
conceptual, organizational, regulatory
in the grand scheme of things, in the great scheme of things, in the overall scheme of things

In the grand scheme of things, one missing page doesn't matter.

3 (BrE) plan for doing sth
major, multi-million-pound
ambitious, grandiose
imaginative, ingenious, innovative
compulsory, voluntary

The project is based on a successful pilot scheme in Glasgow.

incentive, insurance, pension, recycling, share, statutory, training

He has an ingenious scheme to attract funding.

come up with, design, devise, draw up, plan, prepare, propose
oppose, support
approve, reject
establish, initiate, introduce, launch, organize, pilot, set up, start

The government set up a scheme of limited public health assistance in 1992.

administer, adopt, carry out, implement, operate, run
back, finance, fund

a government-backed scheme

be in, join, participate in, take part in
abolish, wind up
offer sth, provide sth
allow sth, enable sth

The scheme allows customers to trade in their own computer against the cost of a new one.

aim to, be aimed at sth, be designed for sth, be designed to do sth, involve sth

a scheme involving local libraries

be based on
apply to sth, cover sth

The scheme applies to families with three or more children.

go ahead, proceed

The scheme has been given approval to go ahead.

come into effect, come into force
succeed, work
collapse, fail
in a/the scheme

Schools in the scheme will receive an annual grant.

under a/the scheme

Under the scheme, land would be sold to building companies.

scheme for

a training scheme for unemployed teenagers

scheme whereby

a scheme whereby the elderly will be provided with help in the home

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