brilliant, good, great
distinguished, eminent, famous, leading, respected
professional, trained
chief, senior, top
mad (often humorous)

She had an image of a mad scientist working in his laboratory.


She gave a lecture to 2 000 fellow scientists in Kyoto.

natural, physical
agricultural, earth, environmental, food, marine, nuclear, soil
forensic, medical
behavioural/behavioral, political, social

a contest for young scientists

group, team
baffle, intrigue, puzzle

a mystery that has baffled scientists for many years

be interested in sth, be involved in sth, examine sth, specialize in sth, study sth, work (on sth)

scientists interested in Antarctic research

know sth
estimate sth

The scientists estimate that nearly two thirds of the continent has become drier over the past 60 years.

argue sth, believe sth, claim sth, propose sth, say sth, suggest sth, warn of sth, warn that … 

Scientists warned of even greater eruptions to come.

discover sth, find sth, identify sth, reveal sth
agree sth, agree on sth, conclude sth
disagree on sth
report sth
develop sth

Scientists have developed an injection that doesn't use a needle.

Collocations dictionary. 2013.

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