1 in a game, competition, etc.
big, excellent, good, high, record, top
bad, low, poor
close, level

The score was close in the final game.

aggregate (BrE), overall, total
final, half-time
individual, team
basketball, football, etc.
box (in baseball)
achieve, earn, finish with, get, have
give (sb)

He got around the course in 72, giving him an average score of 70.

make, take

A late goal made the score 4–2.

A late goal took the score to 4–2.

keep, record

I'll keep (the) score.

level, tie

Gerrard struggled valiantly to level the score.

be, stand at

At half-time the score stood at 3–0.

board (usually scoreboard), card (usually scorecard), sheet (BrE)

The scoreboard showed we were in the lead.

Inamoto failed to get his name on the score sheet (= failed to score).

draw (BrE)
score against

the best score for years against Italy

bring the scores level, keep the scores level (both BrE)

Ronaldo brought the scores level at 2–2.

2 (esp. AmE) in a test
excellent, good, high, perfect, record, top
bad, low, poor
average, mean, median, standard
combined, overall, total
IQ, SAT (AmE), test
achieve, get, have, obtain, receive
give sb
boost, improve, increase

The article claims that vitamins will boost your child's IQ score.

indicate, reflect, show

Most ten-year-olds had scores ranging between 50 and 70.

score for

She got an unusually low score for creativity.

3 written music
music, musical
orchestral, piano, vocal

the vocal score of ‘The Magic Flute’

film, movie (esp. AmE)

The original score for the movie was composed by John Williams.

compose, play, read, write
in a/the score

a mistake in the piano score

1 win points, goals, etc.
once, twice, etc.

Cunningham broke away and scored easily.

heavily (BrE)
try to
be able to, manage to
fail to, have yet to

Walker has yet to score this season.

be ready to (esp. AmE), look likely to (esp. BrE)

Schumacher is ready to score at his home track again.

Villa always looked likely to score.


The crowd erupted when the Green Bay Packers scored against the Denver Broncos.


She has not yet scored for her new team.

come close to scoring (esp. BrE)

It was Robertson who came closest to scoring.

have a/the chance to score, have an/the opportunity to score

We had several chances to score in the second half.

open the scoring

Ronaldinho opened the scoring in the seventh minute of the game.

2 gain marks in a test, survey, etc.
highly, well

The company scores highly on customer service.


Women consistently scored higher than men in this test.

Score is used with these nouns as the subject: ↑batsman, ↑side
Score is used with these nouns as the object: ↑basket, ↑coup, ↑goal, ↑hit, ↑music, ↑point, ↑rating, ↑run, ↑success, ↑touchdown, ↑triumph, ↑try, ↑victory, ↑win

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