1 area of salt water

a calm sea after the storm

choppy, heavy, mountainous (esp. BrE), raging, rough, stormy

A week of heavy seas has created problems for fishermen.

The sea was too rough for sailing in small boats.

deep, shallow
blue, grey/gray
cold, frozen

The fishing boats headed for the open sea.


Thousands of Haitians tried to cross the sea to Florida.

roam, sail

He has sailed the seven seas.

go to (= become a sailor)
put out to, put to

The ship put to sea (= left port) in deteriorating weather conditions.

be lost at

They were lost at sea when their ship sank en route for Madeira.

stare out to

She stood on the cliff, staring out to sea.


a house overlooking the sea


In recent years the sea has risen by a couple of inches.


The sea has receded since the river was diverted.

bed, bottom, floor

The island is sinking into the ocean due to rising sea levels.


treacherous sea conditions around Greenland

air, breeze
otter, trout, turtle, urchin, etc.
port (usually seaport)
cliff, front, view
chantey (AmE), shanty (BrE)

the rise of British sea power in the 17th and 18th centuries

at sea

We spent three weeks at sea.

across the sea

We sailed across the Black Sea in a yacht.

by sea

We sent our furniture by sea.

by the sea

They live by the sea.

down to the sea

We'll go down to the sea for a swim before dinner.

in the sea, into the sea

I love swimming in the sea!

on the sea

three ships sailing on the sea

out to sea

She fell overboard and was swept out to sea.

the bottom of the sea, the depths of the sea, the edge of the sea, the middle of the sea, the surface of the sea
above sea level, at sea level, below sea level

The camp is situated 6 755 feet above sea level.

on the high seas
the seven seas
2 large amount of sth
endless, vast
be surrounded by

They were surrounded by a sea of boxes.

sea of

She scanned the vast sea of faces below her.

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