1 an attempt to find sb/sth
exhaustive, extensive, painstaking, systematic, thorough
major, massive, nationwide
desperate, frantic

random security searches

fruitless, futile

Police conducted a routine search of all the houses in the area.

illegal, warrantless (both AmE)

The President could order warrantless searches for national security purposes.

fingertip (BrE)

A team of police officers did a fingertip search of the area.

body, strip

I was subjected to a body search by customs officials.

begin, initiate, launch, mount, start

The police immediately launched a nationwide search for the killer.

prompt, spark, trigger (all esp. BrE)

His disappearance prompted a week-long search.

carry out, conduct, do, make

The search for the missing men was conducted in poor weather conditions.


Inspector Binns is leading the search for the stolen paintings.

abandon, call off

The search was called off when it began to get dark.

narrow, widen

The police mounted an extensive search operation.

area (AmE)

to narrow the search area

party, team

They sent out a search party to look for her.

committee (AmE)

A search committee was established to help the President find his Supreme Court nominee.

firm (esp. AmE)

an executive search firm

in search of

We're constantly in search of new talent.

Michael went off in search of another bottle of wine.

search for

the search for oil off the coast

search and seizure (AmE)

The Constitution forbids unreasonable searches and seizures.

2 on a computer
quick, simple

a quick search on the Internet

computer, database, Internet, online, Web

I did an Internet search for free music sites.

advanced, keyword
conduct, do, perform, run
narrow, refine

You can refine a search using Boolean parameters.


This is one of the fastest Internet search engines.


Type your domain name in the search box.


A number of advanced search features are available.

technology, tool
query, term

Companies try to identify the most popular search terms.

search for
carefully, systematically, thoroughly

The area has been thoroughly searched.


actively searching for something to keep the conversation going

desperately, frantically
fruitlessly, in vain, unsuccessfully, vainly
aimlessly, blindly

For the rest of the morning he searched aimlessly through the town.


I searched around for a thick stick.


You can also search online for a job.


We searched among the rocks for crabs.


They are still searching for the missing child.


He searched in his pocket and found a few coins.


I searched through a drawer for my passport.

search far and wide, search sth from top to bottom

We searched the house from top to bottom.

search high and low

I have searched high and low and cannot find them.

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