1 of the year
dry, hurricane, monsoon, rainy, wet

In this climate there are no real changes of temperature, just a wet and a dry season.

summer, winter, etc.
be in, come into (esp. AmE)

Melons are in season right now.

be out of

Lobster's out of season right now.

2 period when an activity takes place
holiday (= when people are on holiday/vacation) (BrE), tourist
high (esp. BrE), peak

The resort gets overcrowded in peak season.

low, off

The hotel is almost empty in the off season.

coming, forthcoming (BrE), upcoming (esp. AmE)
breeding, mating, nesting
growing, harvest, planting
close (BrE), closed

It is illegal to fish for salmon during the closed season.

open (often figurative)

The media have declared open season on the congressman and his private life.

political (esp. AmE)
campaign, election, primary (all AmE)

The Senator has led in the polls for most of the primary season.

conference (BrE)

The party conference season gets under way this week.

silly (BrE)

Fleet Street's silly season is upon us.

flu (esp. AmE)

This year's flu season has been relatively mild.

movie, TV (both esp. AmE)
Christmas, festive (BrE), holiday (= the time including Christmas, Hanukkah and New Year) (AmE)

Best wishes for the festive season!

I wished everyone a very happy holiday season.

panto (informal), pantomime (both BrE)
the height of the season
3 period when a sport is played
baseball, cricket, football, hunting, racing, etc.
championship, league

Decker played nine major league seasons. (AmE)

junior, senior, sophomore (all AmE)
debut (esp. BrE), rookie (AmE)

The Denver Broncos' inaugural season was 1960.

regular (AmE)

The Patriots won their last 12 games in the regular season.


He played a full season for West Ham.

difficult, hard, tough (all esp. BrE)

It was the final race of a hard season.

outstanding, successful, undefeated (esp. AmE), winning (esp. AmE)
disappointing, disastrous, poor (esp. BrE)
coming, forthcoming (BrE), upcoming (esp. AmE)

He is busily preparing for the coming season.

close (BrE), off (AmE)

The team trained hard during the close/off season.

consecutive, successive

Our team won the trophy for the second successive season.

begin, open, start

We opened the season with five straight losses.

end, finish

He entered the season with 173 wins.

begin, kick off (esp. BrE), start

The new Premiership season kicks off on August 17.


season ticket holders

opener (AmE)

They played against the Celtics in the season opener.

NOTE: Seasons
have … 

Perhaps we will have a good summer this year.

spend … 

I spent the winter indoors.

 … approaches

The days become longer and temperatures rise as spring approaches.

 … arrives,  … begins,  … comes

Winter arrived early that year.

winter sets in

The aid must reach the refugees before winter sets in.

 … passes,  … wears on (usually used of summer or winter)

As the summer wore on, food became scarce.

 … comes to an end,  … ends (usually used of summer or winter)

Winter was coming to an end at last.

 … months, summer/winter period, spring/summer/winter time (usually springtime, etc.)

The museum is open daily during the summer months.

It was springtime and the slopes were ablaze with almond blossoms.

 … day,  … morning,  … night, etc.

It's hard to sleep on hot summer nights.

during (the) … , in (the) … 

The woods are carpeted with flowers in spring.

over the summer/winter

The repairs will be carried out over the summer.

through (the) … , throughout (the) … 

The meat is salted so it keeps through the winter.

for (the) … 

She's gone to Ireland for the summer.

the … of 2008, etc.

The winter of 2001 was especially cold.

a summer's day, a summer's night, etc., a winter's day, a winter's morning, etc.

a lazy summer's day

all summer long, all winter long

It rained all summer long.

the height of summer, the depths of winter

He always wore a short-sleeved shirt, even in the depths of winter.

lightly, well

Season the meat well with salt and pepper.

highly seasoned

highly seasoned food

Season is used with these nouns as the object: ↑timber

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