1 for sitting on
available, empty, spare, vacant

There were no empty seats left in the hall.

Do you have a spare seat in your car?

comfortable, comfy (informal)
cushioned, leather

plush leather seats

bicycle, car
back, front, middle, rear

I always feel sick if I sit in the back seat of the car.

driver's (AmE), driving (BrE), passenger

I slid into the leather bucket seat and fastened my seat belt.

booster, car, child (esp. BrE), safety
airline, theatre/theater
aisle, window

I always ask for an aisle seat when I fly.

front-row, good, ringside

I got to the concert early to get a good seat.

We had ringside seats for the boxing match.

bleacher (AmE) (usually just bleachers)

Seating will consist of 2 140 bleacher seats and 1 610 chairs.

love (= a comfortable seat for two people to sit on) (AmE)
ejection (AmE), ejector (esp. BrE)
lavatory (BrE), loo (BrE, informal), toilet

I took my usual seat at the front of the classroom.

find, get, grab (informal), have, take

Please take a seat.

Is this seat taken?

occupy, sit on

The best seats were occupied by the friends and families of the performers.

It is very uncomfortable to sit on these seats.

get (up) out of, leave, rise from
give up, offer, vacate

He gave up his seat on the bus to a pregnant woman.

resume, return to

The audience resumed their seats for the second half of the play.


Not all theatres/theaters can fill their seats so easily.

book (esp. BrE), reserve

Is it possible to reserve seats for the play?


Can you save me a seat if you get there first?

lean back in, recline in, settle back in
lean forward in
settle into

We had hardly settled into our seats when the first goal was scored.

slide into

She slid into the driver's seat.

shift in
put back, recline
reservation (BrE)

Seat reservations are free.

an electronic seat-reservation system

in a/the seat

The man in the passenger seat seemed to be asleep.

on a/the seat

I found my gloves lying on the back seat.

out of a/the seat

He leaped out of his seat when he saw the rat.

seat for

I managed to get some seats for the ballet.

the best seat in the house

We had the best seats in the house for the concert.

lean back in your seat, settle back in your seat

We settled back into our seats and waited for the show to begin.

on the edge of your seat

With two minutes to go before the end, I was on the edge of my seat.

2 in Parliament, Congress, etc.
congressional, House, Senate (all in the US)

Republicans won 52.7% of the House seats.

Commons, parliamentary (both in the UK)
council (BrE)

the search for finance chiefs to fill board seats

marginal (esp. BrE)
open (AmE)

The Democrats captured 18 of the 30 open seats.

Democratic, Labour, Republican, Tory, etc.
gain, pick up, secure, take (BrE), win

Republicans gained five seats in the Senate.

The Liberals took seven seats from Labour.

The Labour candidate took the seat with a majority of 163.


He lost his seat in the last election.

hold, keep, retain

The party held the seat with a 10 000 majority.

regain, win back
contest (esp. BrE), fight (BrE), run for (AmE)

He has been selected to fight the seat at the next election.

She is running for a seat in the New York State Assembly.

take (= begin your duties in Parliament) (BrE)

She took her seat in Parliament as Britain's youngest MP.

hold, occupy

Republicans currently hold 51 seats in the Senate.

resign, vacate
seat in

a seat in Congress

seat on

a seat on the board


He seated himself comfortably at the foot of the bed.

The car seats six comfortably.


Ramirez was seated at a table near the window.


The old woman was seated in a chair.


She seated herself on the sofa.

be seated

Please be seated.

be seated cross-legged
remain seated, stay seated

Please remain seated until your name is called.

Seat is used with these nouns as the subject: ↑auditorium, ↑dining room
Seat is used with these nouns as the object: ↑guest, ↑spectator

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