1 group of words
long, short

Try to keep your sentences short.

complete, whole
broken, incomplete

She was a gifted child and could speak in full sentences at a very young age.


The argument can be distilled into a single sentence.

grammatical, ungrammatical
affirmative, declarative, negative
complex, simple
run-on (AmE)

the opening sentence of the novel

‘Once upon a time … ’—the opening sentence to some of our very best-loved fairy tales


I came across the following sentence in a paper recently … 


Peter finished Jane's sentence for her.


Complete the following sentence: ‘I love dictionaries because … ’.


He tells her not to end her sentences with prepositions.

speak, utter

Troy uttered one last sentence.

The last sentence was spoken considerably more softly than the others.

construct, form, formulate, string together, write

He can barely form a grammatical sentence.

Cooke was so nervous he could barely string a sentence together.

punctuate (usually figurative)

She punctuated her sentence with a well-aimed kick at his right shin.


I kept reading the same sentence over and over again.

contain sth, have sth

Does the sentence contain an adverb?

2 punishment given by a judge
maximum, minimum

the mandatory minimum sentence (AmE)

long, short
harsh, heavy, severe, stiff
lenient, light

He turned state's evidence in return for a reduced sentence.

indeterminate (esp. BrE)

The judge imposed the mandatory sentence for murder.

jail, prison

He suggested doubling the criminal sentences for company executives.

custodial, non-custodial (both BrE)
hand down, impose, pass, pronounce

The judge will pass sentence on the accused this afternoon.

be given, get, receive
begin (esp. BrE)

He has begun a life sentence for Carol's murder.


He will have to serve a life sentence.

carry out, complete

ex-felons who have completed their sentences

await (esp. BrE)

He spent a week in custody awaiting sentence.


She could face a long prison sentence.

appeal (esp. AmE), appeal against (BrE)
commute, reduce

The death sentence may be commuted to life imprisonment.

overturn, quash (BrE)

The US Supreme Court recently upheld both of these sentences.


This type of assault carries a maximum sentence of six months in prison.

sentence for

an eight-year sentence for burglary

under sentence of death

He was imprisoned under sentence of death.

He has been in prison for two months under sentence of death.


I hereby sentence you to death by hanging.

(= as spoken by a judge)
in absentia

He has been convicted and sentenced in absentia.

(= he was not present at the trial.)

They had been sentenced for murder.


He was sentenced to two years in prison.

The judge sentenced her to life imprisonment.

Sentence is used with these nouns as the subject: ↑court, ↑judge, ↑magistrate, ↑tribunal
Sentence is used with these nouns as the object: ↑defendant, ↑murderer, ↑offender

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