1 meeting of a court, parliament, etc.
inaugural, opening
closing, final, last
open, public (esp. BrE)
closed, closed-door (esp. AmE), private

The board met in closed session.

emergency, extraordinary (esp. AmE), special
full, plenary

a full session of the peace talks

a plenary session of the committee


A follow-up session was held a month after the initial meeting.

congressional, parliamentary
legislative (esp. AmE)
executive (AmE)

The Council met in executive session for the purpose of selecting a new general secretary.


The president addressed a closed session of Congress.

call (esp. AmE)

The Governor called a special session of the Legislature.

convene, take place
begin, open
close, end
agree sth
call for sth
at a/the session

The statute was approved at the 1985 session of the Texas Legislature.

in a/the session

in the opening session

in session

The court is now in session.

2 time spent doing an activity
lengthy, long
30-minute, two-hour, etc.
all-day, all-night, late-night
early, late
daily, regular, weekly, etc.
bargaining, negotiating
briefing (esp. BrE), question-and-answer
breakout (esp. AmE)
coaching (esp. BrE), practice, training, tutoring (esp. AmE)

I had a one-to-one session with one of the instructors at the gym.

counselling/counseling, therapy
drop-in (BrE)

The case worker will talk to refugees at drop-in sessions and by appointment.

Women who need a test can visit one of the drop-in sessions for help and advice.

photo, photographic (esp. BrE)
jam, jazz, recording
workout, yoga
drinking (esp. BrE)

The man fell in the canal after a heavy drinking session.

do, have, offer (sb), organize, provide (sb with), run

The college runs training sessions every afternoon.


Both sessions are scheduled for 10 o'clock.

begin, start
end, finish

She had to abruptly end her session with a newspaper editor when they received word of the attacks.

take place

Each session lasted approximately 15 minutes.

guitarist, musician, singer (esp. BrE), etc.
session on

a session on remedial reading

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(of a court, of a legislature, etc.)

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