1 male or female
female, male

At that age they can start becoming shy with the opposite sex.


people of the same sex

same-sex couples/partners

same-sex relationships/marriages/weddings

fair, fairer, gentle, weaker (= women; some women may find these terms offensive) (humorous)

They tend to consider women as the weaker sex in need of care and protection.


ultrasound tests to determine the sex of a baby

Sex is determined by chromosomal content.


For a long time I wanted to change my sex.

be attracted to

to be attracted to the opposite sex


to have a sex change

a sex-change operation


issues of sex equality in the office

discrimination, inequality

The theory predicts sex differences in the brain.


the X and Y sex chromosomes

between the sexes

differences/inequalities/relations between the sexes

the battle of the sexes

The quiz is a battle of the sexes between teams of male and female students.

equality between the sexes, equality of the sexes
on (the) grounds of sex (BrE)

discrimination on grounds of sex

irrespective of sex, regardless of sex

The word ‘man’ can refer to all humans, irrespective of sex.

a member of the opposite sex

This will help us meet attractive members of the opposite sex.

2 sexual intercourse
anal, oral, penetrative (esp. BrE), vaginal (esp. AmE)
gay, homosexual, lesbian
heterosexual, straight
good, great, hot, passionate, wild

Always practise/practice safe sex!

unprotected, unsafe
consensual, non-consensual
extramarital, illicit, premarital
anonymous, casual, promiscuous
public (= sex in public places)
explicit, graphic, gratuitous, hard-core, steamy

Movies containing scenes of explicit sex are banned.

Internet, phone
underage, unlawful (BrE)

He was convicted of having unlawful sex with an underage girl.

teen (esp. AmE), teenage
engage in, have

She had never had sex before.

consent to
get, obtain

a healthy sex life

drive, urge

a low sex drive


Despite his age, he still has a lot of sex appeal.


photos showing sex acts

therapist, therapy
partner (esp. AmE)

I have had several sex partners over the years.


She is an advocate of abstinence-only sex education. (AmE)

comprehensive sex education (esp. AmE)

abuse, assault (esp. BrE), attack (BrE), crime, offence/offense

He was arrested for sex crimes.

fiend (informal), offender, pest (BrE, informal)

convicted sex offenders

registered sex offenders

addict, maniac

He had a reputation of being a sex maniac.

film, scene, show
kitten, symbol

She wants to be known as a singer rather than as a sex symbol.


Women are viewed as sex objects and exploited to sell products.

club, shop
aid, toy

In this zone, prostitution is legal, but sex workers must be at least 18.


to crack down on international sex trafficking

sex between

sex between consenting adults

sex with

sex with her husband

sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll (humorous)
sex and violence

sex and violence in today's liberal media

sex outside of marriage

They teach that sex outside of marriage is wrong.

sex sells

Sex sells, the advertisers believe.

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