dark, deep, dense, strong

The house lay in dark shadow.

faint, pale (figurative)

The industry is a pale shadow of its former self.

giant, long
eerie, sinister, strange, terrible
dancing, flickering

the flickering shadows of the flames

cast, create, make, produce, throw

The boat's sail cast a shadow on the water.

Use a desk light to produce a strong shadow.

The candles on the table threw huge flickering shadows against the wall.

fill sth with shadows

The streets were now filled with terrible shadows.

emerge from, move out of, step out from, step out of

Suddenly a large figure emerged from the shadows.

move into, shrink into, slip into

She shrank back into the shadows as the footsteps approached.

lurk in, wait in, watch from

criminals lurking in the shadows

fall, lie

The evening shadows were beginning to fall.

Deep shadows lay across the small clearing where they sat.

get longer, grow longer, lengthen

As the shadows lengthened, the men drifted home.

creep, move, pass

The shadows of the clouds passed over us.


A dark shadow loomed over her.

dance, flicker, leap

A dark shadow leaped out of nowhere.

among the shadows

an odd shape among the shadows

in the shadows

I could just make out a figure in the shadows.

into the shadows

I backed into the shadows until the car had passed.

in shadow

His face was in shadow.

into shadow

The storm clouds threw the mountains into deep shadow.

from the shadows, out of the shadows

A huge figure stepped out of the shadows.

through the shadows

the fears that kept crowding in on her as she hurried through the shadows

live in the shadow of sb/sth (figurative)

She had always lived in the shadow of her older sister.

Shadow is used with these nouns: ↑cabinet, ↑secretary

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