1 feeling that you have lost the respect of others

This is the secret shame I have carried around for decades.


He risked public shame and possible imprisonment.

All she wanted was to escape so that she would not have to face this public shame.

national (esp. BrE)

It is a national shame that our prisons serve as mental institutions.

be filled with, feel
bring, cause

His arrest for stealing brought shame on his family.

die of (figurative)

I nearly died of shame!

from shame

She wept from the shame of having let everyone down.

in shame

She shut her eyes in shame.

to your shame

To my shame, I didn't tell Robert about the party.

To my everlasting shame, I failed her when she needed me most.

without shame

He had cried noisily and without shame at the news of Esther's death.

with shame

She blushed with shame.

shame about, shame at

She felt a flush of shame at what she'd said.

shame for

Do you feel no shame for what you've done?

shame in

There's no shame in making an honest living.

shame on

Shame on you for doubting me!

shame over

You feel absolutely no shame over what you did, do you?

bow your head in shame, hang your head in shame
a feeling of shame, a sense of shame

He was being held by two security guards, his head bowed in shame.

2 a shame sth that makes you feel disappointed
awful (esp. BrE), great, real, terrible
crying, damn, damned (all informal)
shame about

It's a terrible shame about Steve losing his job.

a bit of a shame (esp. BrE), rather a shame (esp. BrE), such a shame, what a shame

What a shame you can't come!


The people who did this all deserve to be publicly shamed.


An outcry from customers has shamed the company into lowering its prices.

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