1 large piece of fabric used on a bed
clean, crisp, fresh

a pile of clean sheets

crumpled, rumpled (esp. AmE)

She had slept in her bed—the sheets were crumpled.

cotton, linen, rubber, satin, silk
double, single
bottom, top
change, fold, put on, tuck in

She changed the sheets on all the beds.

Could you put some fresh sheets on the bed?

climb between, climb under
slide between, slide under, slip between, slip under

I slipped under the sheets and was asleep in an instant.

cover sb/sth with, wrap sb/sth in

The police had covered the body with a sheet.


I simply wrapped the sheet around her.

pull back, pull over, pull up

I pulled the sheet up over my nose.

throw, throw back

I threw a sheet over the sofa.

He threw back the sheets and rolled out of bed.


sheets hung on a line

beneath a/the sheet, under a/the sheet
between the sheets

She lay between the cool sheets.

sheets and blankets
be white as a sheet (= look very pale)
2 piece of paper
blank, clean

He grabbed a blank sheet of paper and began to write.

A3, A4, etc. (not in the US)

The advertisement was a single printed sheet.

loose, separate, single

a fax cover sheet

answer, data, fact, information, instruction (esp. AmE), record, score (BrE), sign-up (AmE), spec, stat (= statistics) (AmE), time

I sent for the free fact sheet on the disease.

They all wrote their names on a sign-up sheet.

balance (= record of company's finances)
charge (BrE), rap (informal, esp. AmE)
news (usually news-sheet), scandal
cheat (esp. AmE), crib

I need cheat sheets to help me cram for my exam.

take, use

Take a clean sheet of paper and start again.

rip, tear

She tore a sheet out of her notebook.

sheet of

a sheet of blotting paper

a sheet of paper
3 flat thin piece of any material
flat, large
thick, thin
baking (BrE), cookie (AmE)
dust (BrE)

The furniture was covered in dust sheets.

canvas, plastic, polythene

the Antarctic ice sheet

metal, steel, vinyl

sheet-metal workers

rock (AmE)

A wall of sheet rock was placed down the middle.


The sky was lit up by great flashes of sheet lightning.

sheet of

a sheet of glass/plastic/metal

Sheets of flame shot into the air. (figurative)

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