noun (esp. BrE) ⇨ See also ↑store
corner (BrE), local, village
high-street (BrE)
exclusive, expensive, fine, posh (BrE), smart (BrE), stylish, upmarket (BrE)
excellent, good, wonderful
old-fashioned, traditional
boarded-up, empty, vacant
butcher (AmE), butcher's, greengrocer's (BrE), etc.
book (usually bookshop), gift (BrE, AmE), gun (esp. AmE), pet (BrE, AmE), shoe, souvenir (BrE, AmE), etc.
electrical, photographic, etc.
specialist, specialty (AmE)
pro (= at a golf club, etc.) (AmE)
duty-free (BrE, AmE)

She bought 400 cigarettes at the airport duty-free shop.

charity (BrE), thrift (AmE)

I gave all my old books to a charity shop/thrift shop.

antique (BrE, AmE), junk (BrE, AmE)
betting (BrE)
mobile (BrE)

Mobile shops are invaluable to people in rural areas.

repair (BrE, AmE)
barber (usually barbershop) (AmE)
pawn (usually pawnshop) (BrE, AmE)
one-stop (BrE, AmE)

This is your one-stop shop for all your skiing needs.

coffee (BrE, AmE)
parade (BrE), row

The post office is at the end of the row of shops.


The brothers opened a chain of electrical shops in the eighties.

have, keep, own, run
open, set up

She opened a flower shop in the High Street.

an area where many artists have set up shop (figurative)

close, close up, shut, shut up (BrE)

At 5.30 she shuts up shop and goes home.

sell sth
offer sth

The shop offers a large selection of leather goods at reasonable prices.

specialize in sth
advertise sth
display sth
close, shut
assistant, manager, manageress (BrE), owner, staff, worker
counter, display, doorway, front, premises, shelves, sign, window
around a/the shop, round a/the shop (esp. BrE)

I went around all the shops but I couldn't find a present for him.

at a/the shop

There was was a break-in at that new shop last night.

in a/the shop

She works part-time in a shop.

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