alleged, perceived

There were obvious shortcomings in the report.

fundamental, main, major, serious, significant
sb's own, personal
methodological, technical
have, suffer from
call attention to (esp. AmE), draw attention to (esp. BrE), expose, highlight, identify, point out, reveal
deflect attention from, divert attention from
acknowledge, recognize
be aware of

They are well aware of their own shortcomings.

ignore, overlook

The committee was willing to overlook her shortcomings.

address, compensate for, correct, make good (BrE), make up for, overcome, remedy

Their proposal seeks to remedy the shortcomings of the current system.

stem from sth

Not all these shortcomings stem from inadequate resources.

despite sb/sth's shortcomings, in spite of sb/sth's shortcomings

Despite its obvious shortcomings, the plan was accepted.

shortcoming in

the shortcomings in the law

shortcomings on sb's part (esp. BrE)

They said the accident was due to shortcomings on the part of the pilots.

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