little, slight, small

The answer was a simple shrug.

careless, indifferent
casual, nonchalant
half-hearted, helpless, resigned

With a mental shrug, he decided to tell the truth.

Gallic (BrE)

The boy gave a slight shrug and walked away.

in a shrug

She lifted her shoulders in a little shrug

with a shrug

‘I don't know!’ she said with a shrug.

shrug of

a shrug of resignation

a shrug of the/your shoulders

He replied with a shrug of his shoulders.

lightly, slightly
carelessly, dismissively, indifferently, nonchalantly, offhandedly

She shrugged nonchalantly and turned away.

apologetically, awkwardly, sheepishly

He shrugged helplessly and said nothing.

innocently, modestly
just, merely, only, simply

He merely shrugged his shoulders in reply.

Shrug is used with these nouns as the subject: ↑shoulder
Shrug is used with these nouns as the object: ↑shoulder

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