noun the sick
chronic, long-term (both esp. BrE)
aid, care for, comfort, help, look after (esp. BrE), minister to, nurse, take care of, tend

workers who are caring for the sick and elderly

cure, heal

the Church's mission to preach the gospel and heal the sick

pray for
the sick and wounded

The sick and wounded were evacuated from the war zone.

1 not well ⇨ See also ↑ill
be, look
become, fall (formal), get (esp. AmE)

He fell sick with yellow fever.

She was afraid she would get sick if she stayed in that place any longer.

chronically (esp. BrE), desperately, extremely, seriously, terribly, very

The home has 20 chronically sick and disabled residents.

a very sick woman in the next bed


The workers got sick from radiation exposure.


She was sick with cancer.

be off sick

John's not in the office today. He's off sick.

2 (esp. BrE) wanting to vomit
be (BrE), feel, look

I was sick three times in the night.

Dad, I feel sick!


I get sick if I sit in the back seat.

make sb

If you eat all that chocolate it'll make you sick.

horribly, very, violently

He leaned sideways and was violently sick.


Every time I think about it I feel physically sick.


Laura felt almost sick with embarrassment.

be as sick as a dog
sick to your stomach (AmE)

I feel sick to my stomach just thinking about it.

3 bored/disgusted/annoyed
become, get

I'm getting sick of all these delays.

make sb

Her attitude makes me sick.

heartily (esp. BrE), really

He was getting heartily sick of all the false sympathy.

absolutely, thoroughly
a bit, a little, pretty, rather

She was getting a little sick of his moaning.


I'm getting sick of you leaving things in a mess.

sick and tired of sth, sick to the back teeth of sth (BrE), sick to death of sth
(as) sick as a parrot (BrE)
4 cruel/in bad taste
be, seem, sound

You're really sick, you know that?

extremely, fairly, very, etc.
sick in the head

Whoever started the fire must be sick in the head.

Sick is used with these nouns: ↑bag, ↑bay, ↑day, ↑father, ↑feeling, ↑freak, ↑joke, ↑leave, ↑man, ↑mind, ↑mother, ↑note, ↑pay, ↑people, ↑person, ↑relative, ↑sense of humour

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