noun (AmE) ⇨ See also ↑pavement
city, public
busy, crowded
deserted, empty

A handful of pedestrians walked down empty sidewalks.

narrow, wide
cracked, uneven

The cracked and uneven sidewalks are lined with vendors.

brick, cement, concrete, wooden
icy, snow-covered, wet

Elm trees lined the sidewalks.


Newspapers and broken glass litter the sidewalk.


the hard-working neighbors who sweep the sidewalks in front of their houses


Snow covered the sidewalk.


In the winter he worked shoveling sidewalks.

sit on, stand on, step onto
walk, walk along, walk down, walk up

As she walked the sidewalks of the campus, Jillie thought about Leo.

lead (to sth)

the sidewalk leading to her house


They relaxed over wine at a sidewalk table.


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(at the side of a street),

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