1 quietness
lengthy, long, prolonged
brief, momentary, a moment's, short

There was a moment's silence before she replied.

deep, hushed

We sat and watched in awed silence as she performed.

absolute, complete, dead, deadly, deathly, total, utter

We sat in complete silence, save for the ticking of the clock.

A deathly silence hung over the town.


The rest of the trip passed in relative silence.

shocked, stunned

Her comments were met with a stunned silence.

awkward, embarrassed, embarrassing, strained, uncomfortable, uneasy

An awkward silence followed.

heavy, ominous, oppressive, tense
brooding, thoughtful

She fell into long, brooding silences.

stony, sullen
eerie, unnerving

They walked in companionable silence.

expectant, pregnant

The soldier had broken radio silence to contact his aircraft.


She maintained a stony silence.

break, interrupt, penetrate, pierce, punctuate, shatter

Lewis finally broke the long silence between them.

Celeste's voice penetrated the silence.

a silence punctuated only by the occasional sniff from the children

lapse into, relapse into, retreat into, subside into, trail off into (all used only about people)

He lapsed into a sullen silence.

stun sb into

The boys were stunned into silence by this news.

be met with

Her question was met with an uneasy silence.

observe (= as a sign of respect for the dead, etc.)

A minute's silence for the victims will be observed.


She filled the silence with music.

come over sth, descend, fall, fall over sth, settle, settle over sth

A sudden silence fell over the room.

hang, prevail, reign

Silence reigned.


A heavy silence lingered in the air.

envelop sth, fill sth

Silence filled the room.

ensue, follow
deepen, grow, lengthen, spread, stretch

He thought for a moment, the silence lengthening.

greet sth

A stunned silence greeted her announcement.

in (the) silence

They ate their breakfast in silence.

two minutes' silence, three minutes' silence (esp. BrE)

They observed two minutes' silence to remember the war dead.

Countries throughout Europe held a three minutes' silence.

2 not saying anything about sth

The government's only response has been a deafening silence.

dignified (esp. BrE)
keep, maintain

He has so far kept a dignified silence on the subject.

take as

I took her silence as a no.


a debate to break the silence surrounding domestic violence

silence from

There seems to have been a deliberate silence from the newspapers.

a conspiracy of silence, a wall of silence

There is a conspiracy of silence about what is happening (= nobody is willing to talk about it).

a vow of silence

She has broken her vow of silence on the issue.


Criticism has now been effectively silenced.

immediately, quickly
abruptly, instantly

Her scream was abruptly silenced.

momentarily, temporarily

A shot to the head silenced him forever.

try to
manage to
fail to

Even these improvements to the service failed to silence a grumbling chorus of complaints.


She silenced him with a glare.

Silence is used with these nouns as the object: ↑critic, ↑criticism, ↑dissent, ↑gun, ↑rumour, ↑sceptic, ↑voice

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