be, seem
become, fall, go, grow

The crowd fell silent as she began to speak.

The room grew silent as the men entered.

keep, lie, remain, sit, stand, stay

I could not keep silent any longer.

The street lay silent and deserted.

She sat silent throughout the meal.

absolutely, completely, dead (informal, esp. AmE), entirely, perfectly, totally, utterly
almost, nearly (esp. AmE), virtually

The new bus is virtually silent.

largely, mostly

an issue about which the researchers are largely silent

notably, remarkably
curiously, uncharacteristically, unusually
deadly, eerily, oddly, strangely, unnaturally

The street was strangely silent.


This is a subject about which the official documents are ominously silent.

resolutely, stubbornly

Len remained obstinately silent.


They had kept remarkably silent about their intentions.


The report was silent on that subject.

Silent is used with these nouns: ↑auction, ↑cinema, ↑contemplation, ↑epidemic, ↑era, ↑farewell, ↑film, ↑foot, ↑fury, ↑killer, ↑laughter, ↑letter, ↑majority, ↑meditation, ↑menace, ↑movie, ↑partner, ↑pause, ↑prayer, ↑rebuke, ↑retreat, ↑room, ↑sigh, ↑sob, ↑spectator, ↑tear, ↑tribute, ↑type, ↑vigil, ↑whistle, ↑witness

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