bathroom (esp. AmE), kitchen
blocked (esp. BrE), clogged (AmE)
marble (esp. AmE), porcelain, stainless-steel

The kitchen had a double sink.


She filled the sink with hot water.

block (esp. BrE), clog (AmE)
clear (esp. BrE), unblock (esp. BrE), unclog (AmE)

You can install a new sink in the kitchen.

unit (BrE)
plunger (BrE)

I bought a sink plunger to clear the blocked kitchen sink.

faucet (AmE), tap (BrE)
counter (AmE)

the sink counter in the bathroom

at the sink

She was at the sink, washing the dishes.

down the sink

Don't pour coffee grounds down the kitchen sink.

in the sink

Put the dishes in the sink.

1 in water, mud, etc.

Duane was in waist-deep and sinking fast.


She sank down into the soft soil.


His boots sank deep into the mud.


The boat nearly sank under the increased weight.

begin to, start to
below, beneath

We watched the boat sink beneath the waves.


Our feet sank deep into the soft sand as we walked.

to, up to

He sank up to his knees in the mud.

sink like a stone

The box sank like a stone.

sink or swim (figurative)

In a situation like this, you either sink or swim.

sink to the bottom (of sth)

The ship had sunk to the bottom of the sea.

sink under the weight (of sth) (often figurative)

The airline industry is sinking under the weight of its losses.

sink without trace

It seemed as though the ship had sunk without trace.

2 fall/sit down

I sank gratefully into the warm, dry bed.


The sun was sinking lower.

back, down

Dexter sank back into his seat.


He sank lower into his chair.


She sank gracefully down onto a cushion at his feet.

sink below the horizon

The sun had sunk below the horizon.

sink to the floor, sink to the ground

She sank to the ground and started to cry.

sink to your knees

He sank to his knees, grasping at his stomach.

3 become weaker/worse
quickly, rapidly

Virgil rapidly sank into depression.


The project gradually sank into oblivion.

sink to a new low, sink to new lows (both figurative)

With this article the newspaper has sunk to a new low.

Sink is used with these nouns as the subject: ↑boat, ↑foot, ↑heart, ↑index, ↑ship, ↑stock, ↑submarine, ↑sun, ↑vessel
Sink is used with these nouns as the object: ↑basket, ↑capital, ↑claw, ↑fang, ↑jaw, ↑money, ↑nail, ↑pint, ↑shaft, ↑ship, ↑tooth, ↑vessel, ↑warship, ↑well

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