general, overall, whole
current, immediate, present
international, local, national, world
actual, concrete, real, real-life, real-world (esp. AmE)
hypothetical, unlikely
favourable/favorable, happy (esp. BrE), healthy, ideal
satisfactory (esp. BrE), stable
chaotic, explosive, fluid, precarious, unstable, volatile
awkward, delicate, difficult, embarrassing, problematic, sticky (informal), stressful, tense, tough (esp. AmE), tricky, uncomfortable, unfortunate, unpleasant

I always seem to get into sticky situations.

dangerous, hazardous, life-threatening, perilous, risky, vulnerable
deteriorating, worsening
crisis, emergency, life-and-death, life-or-death
high-pressure, pressure

I've been in some pressure situations when I had to hit a great shot or lose the game.

alarming, critical, desperate, dire, grave, serious, terrible, tragic, unhappy (esp. BrE)
disgraceful (esp. BrE), intolerable, untenable
catch-22 (esp. BrE), hopeless, no-win

We were placed in a hopeless situation.

lose-lose, win-win
absurd, bizarre, compromising, extraordinary, ludicrous (esp. BrE), novel, odd, paradoxical, ridiculous, strange, unique, unusual
complex, complicated

Do you feel awkward in social situations?

employment, housing
economic, financial, legal, military, political, security

the international political situation

strategic, tactical
combat, conflict, war
bring about, create, lead to, result in
be faced with, be placed in, encounter, face, find yourself in, get into

I found myself in rather an awkward situation.

comprehend, grasp, take in, understand

She found it difficult to take in the situation.

analyse/analyze, appraise, assess, consider, discuss, evaluate, examine, judge, look at, monitor, ponder, review, size up, survey, take stock of, think about, weigh (esp. AmE), weigh up (esp. BrE)
clarify, describe, explain, outline, sum up
address, be in control of, control, cope with, deal with, handle, respond to, take control of

learning strategies to cope with difficult situations


You can adapt your knowledge to fit your particular situation.

ameliorate (formal), calm, defuse, ease, help, improve
correct, rectify, remedy, resolve, stabilize

The peacekeepers are trained to defuse potentially explosive situations.


She tried her best to salvage the situation.

exploit, manipulate, take advantage of

He saw she was confused and he took full advantage of the situation.

lose control of
affect, change, influence, transform
aggravate, complicate, compound, exacerbate, inflame (esp. BrE), worsen

Interfering now would only exacerbate the situation.


What would the Republicans be doing if the situation were reversed?

arise, develop, occur, unfold

We will deal with that if the situation arises.

continue, remain
deteriorate, escalate, worsen

The situation is deteriorating rapidly.

demand, require

The situation requires immediate action.

comedy (usually sitcom)

TV's first modern situation comedy

in a/the situation

What would you do in this situation?

the gravity of the situation, the seriousness of the situation

Given the gravity of the situation, I'm not surprised she's panicking.

the reality of the situation

She was forced to confront the reality of the situation.

a way out of the situation

I was in trouble and I could see no way out of the situation.

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