1 how big or small sth is
considerable, enormous, fair, good, great, impressive, large, massive, substantial, vast

The kitchen is a fair size.

The vast size of the country made it difficult to govern.

compact, diminutive, limited, modest, small

The unit's compact size makes it an ideal travel companion.

The dog's diminutive size is attractive to many people.


the reduced size of the show

average, mean, medium
moderate, reasonable, sufficient
overall, total

The sheer size of these dinosaurs was their main weapon.

appropriate, convenient, handy, manageable

The ladder is a handy size for using in the house.

classes of manageable size

optimal, optimum (esp. BrE), perfect
correct, right
comparable, equal, equivalent, similar

The relative size of the middle class has been steadily shrinking.

normal, standard, uniform

Her knee swelled to twice its normal size.

The standard size for the tiles is 12 inches.


windows of varying sizes

maximum, minimum

The fish grow to a maximum size of 50 cm.

actual, full, life

The ring is shown actual size in the illustration.

a life-size model of a Roman soldier


Only a limited number of the fish will grow to reach adult size.

class, family, group, household, market, population, sample

a model with constant population size

portion, serving (AmE)

The larger the serving size, the more you're likely to eat.

body, brain, etc.

He eats a lot in proportion to his body size.

screen, window
adjust, change, control
expand, increase
decrease, reduce, shrink

The company is reducing the size of its workforce.

to shrink the size of government

double, treble (BrE), triple

She has almost doubled the size of her investments.


A city's size is determined by the extent of its market area.

attain, grow to, reach
estimate, guess, guess at

I had to guess at the size of the batteries.

overestimate, underestimate
calculate, determine, measure
grow, increase
decline, decrease, fall
range from … to … 

The size of her audience varied.

allow sth, allow for sth

Their smaller size allowed for greater acceleration.

from the size of

From the size of the crowds outside, it was a very good movie.

in size

How do the samples compare in size?

The city has doubled in size in the last twenty years.

These insects range in size from one to two inches.

Houses increase in size as you travel further from the city.

in the size of

the increase in the size of the population

given the size of sth

Given the size of the task, he won't have time to do anything else.

half the size of sth, two, three, etc. times the size of sth

Their house is twice the size of ours.

relative to sb's/sth's size

Their weight is small relative to their size.

shapes and sizes, sizes and shapes (often figurative)

Our customers come in all shapes and sizes.

size and scope

Their website has grown in size and scope.

2 one of a number of fixed measurements
large, medium, small

The company is now going to make these products in larger sizes.


Brushes come in various sizes.

two-gallon, four-pound, etc.

The half-gallon size comes in a metal can.

imperial, metric

New radiators come in metric sizes.

adult, children's, men's, women's
bust, chest, etc.

XL fits chest sizes 44 to 50.

bra, collar, shoe

I changed the font size on the document.

range, variety
be, take, wear

What size are you (= for shoes or clothes)?

What size do you take?

Michael wears size 10 shoes.

be available in, come in

The bricks come in four sizes.

fit sb

Children's sizes don't fit her any more.

in a/your size

Does this dress come in a bigger size?

I couldn't find the blouse in my size.

be a size too big, small, etc.

The jacket is several sizes too large for him.

size matters

In surfing, size matters: big waves are beautiful.

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