1 covering of a human/animal body
beautiful, clear, fine, flawless, good, healthy, perfect

You want clear, healthy skin.

glowing, radiant

Keep your skin radiant using creams and lotions.

creamy, smooth, soft
thick, thin
supple, young, youthful
sagging, wrinkled
hard, leathery, rough, tough
delicate, sensitive
greasy, oily
dry, flaky, scaly
flaking, peeling
black, brown, dark, ebony, golden, olive, tan
alabaster (literary), fair, ivory, light, milky, pale, porcelain (literary), white

Jenny is small and slender with porcelain skin.

pallid, pasty, sallow
bronzed, tanned
raw, tender

There was a patch of raw skin on my back where the sun had burned it.

broken, damaged

Body skin is thicker than facial skin.

bare, exposed, naked

The sheets felt nice next to his bare skin.

Wear clothing that protects all exposed skin.


I picked up the kitten by the loose skin on its neck.


A lot of dust is made up of particles of dead skin.

break, burn, damage, irritate
moisturize, nourish, soothe

This cream moisturizes dry skin.

dry, dry out

Clean and exfoliate your skin before applying make-up.


Exfoliate to remove dead skin.

penetrate, pierce, puncture

The needle pierced my skin.


This snake sheds its skin eight times a year.


Smoking undoubtedly ages the skin.

glisten, glow

Her skin was glistening with sweat after her run.


They claim that this cream makes the skin age more slowly.

hang, sag
blister, burn, peel
crawl, tingle

Just thinking about spiders makes my skin crawl.

allergy, burns, cancer, complaint (esp. BrE), condition, damage, disease, disorder (esp. AmE), infection, irritation, lesion, problems, rash
specialist (esp. BrE)

make-up and skin-care products

cleanser, cream, lotion, products (esp. AmE)
colour/color, tone
cells, tissue

Avoid skin contact with the glue.

against the/your skin

The sheets felt rough against her skin.

beneath the/your skin

Beneath his skin, the muscles were tight with tension.

on the/your skin

blisters on the skin

through the/your skin

A network of veins showed through his skin.

under the/your skin

He discovered a lump under his skin so he went to the doctor.

skin and bone (esp. BrE), skin and bones (esp. AmE)

The dog was little more than skin and bone/bones.

2 skin of an animal that has been removed
crocodile, goat, leopard, etc.
cure, tan
3 covering of some fruits/ vegetables
banana, onion, potato, etc.
peel off, remove
Skin is used with these nouns as the object: ↑fish, ↑knee, ↑rabbit

Collocations dictionary. 2013.

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