big, vast, wide

We slept under the open sky.

bright, clear, cloudless, sunny

a week of cloudless skies

hazy, smoggy
cloudy, dull, overcast
star-filled, starlit, starry, star-studded
dark, darkening, pale
azure, blue, cerulean (esp. AmE)

I opened my shutters and saw a brilliant blue sky.

grey/gray, leaden
black, inky, moonless

the pale moon in the inky night sky

morning, night, etc.
January, spring, winter, wintry, etc.
northern, southern, etc.

the vast desert skies


a patch of blue sky

illuminate, light up

The fireworks lit up the sky.


Flocks of flamingoes fill the sky.

scan, watch

Astronomers scan the night skies for asteroids.

clear, clear up, lighten

The rain stopped and the skies cleared.

cloud over (esp. BrE), darken, turn grey/gray

The afternoon sky turned orange.

be streaked with sth

The sky was streaked with gold.

glow (with sth), light up (with sth)

The sky glows red with fire.

open (= start raining)

The skies opened and rain poured down.

across the sky

Black clouds spread across the sky.

against the sky

The eagle was black against the morning sky.

beneath a … sky, under a … sky

a ship tossing under a dark sky

from the sky, out of the sky

A strange object dropped out of the sky.

in the sky

There was a kite high up in the sky.

sky above

A helicopter appeared in the sky above them.

sky over

to patrol the skies over the Atlantic

high in the sky, low in the sky

when the sun is low in the sky

the sky above, the sky overhead

Swallows darted about in the sky overhead.

the sky is falling (figurative, esp. AmE)

alarmists who claim that the sky is falling

reach for the sky (often figurative)

My philosophy has always been to reach for the sky.

take to the skies (= to go into the sky)

Some vintage aircraft will be taking to the skies at this weekend's fair.

Collocations dictionary. 2013.

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