1 process of doing sth
decisive, effective, firm, strong, vigorous

He urged the government to take decisive action against music piracy.

aggressive, violent
immediate, prompt, swift, urgent

Unless appropriate action is taken, our sales will decline.

drastic, emergency

The situation calls for drastic action.

collective, concerted, joint, united (esp. BrE)
direct, positive, unilateral
corrective, evasive, remedial
pre-emptive, preventative, preventive
disciplinary, legal, military, strike

Disciplinary action will be taken against students who cheat.

(see also industrial action)
congressional (esp. AmE), government, governmental, legislative, political, state (esp. AmE)
affirmative (esp. AmE)

Affirmative action was most successful in creating opportunities for college-educated women.


We'll take whatever action is necessary.

call for
agree on

The leaders have agreed on joint action to combat terrorism.

leap into, spring into, swing into

The emergency services swung into action as soon as the disaster was reported.

carry out, perform

Only the priest can perform these actions.

galvanize sb into, prod sb into, spur sb into

We have to galvanize people into action.

bring sth into, put sth into

We need to put these ideas into action.

keep sb/sth out of, put sb/sth out of

A fire has put the factory out of action.

in action

I have not yet seen the machines in action.

out of action

He is out of action following an ankle injury.

action against

action against drug dealers

action on

The government is taking strong action on refugees.

actions speak louder than words (saying)
a course of action

Is this the best course of action to follow?

2 legal case
civil, criminal, libel, tort
class (AmE)
bring, file, initiate, take

I considered taking legal action.

They took out a libel action against the newspaper's owners.

Her husband brought a civil action against her after their divorce.

action against
3 fighting
combat (esp. AmE), enemy

He was killed during enemy action.


paramilitary covert action teams working overseas


I never saw action during the war.

killed in action, missing in action, wounded in action

He was reported missing in action.

Collocations dictionary. 2013.

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