a deliberate snub to the ambassador

embarrassing, humiliating
deliver sb (BrE)

He took the opportunity to deliver us another snub.

interpret sth as, regard sth as, see sth as, take sth as

These references were widely seen as a snub to the President.

intend sth as, mean sth as

It was never intended as a snub.

amount to, represent

The deal amounts to something of a snub for the rival online music company.

as a snub
snub by

Some are suggesting that it was a snub by the French.

snub for, snub to

His withdrawal from the event was seen as a deliberate snub to the organizers.

snub of (esp. AmE)

an unintentional snub of President Johnson

feel snubbed

He was not invited to the party, and felt snubbed.

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