big, deep, great
little, small
quiet, silent, soft
choked, hoarse, muffled, stifled, strangled
choking, gasping, heaving, racking, shuddering

I couldn't hold back the heaving sobs.

give, let out
break (down) into, burst into

My father broke down into sobs.

be racked by, be racked with, heave with, shake with

Her body was racked with sobs.

choke back, hold back, muffle, stifle

Choking back a sob, she ran to her father's chair.

break from sb/sth, come from, escape sb/sth

A sob escaped her lips.


A choked sob rose in his throat.


A dry sob caught in her throat.

rack sth, shake sth

Deep racking sobs shook his whole body.


You can't expect me to believe this sob story!

between sobs

‘I don't want to go!’ she said between sobs.

on a sob

Ellen choked on a sob before admitting the truth.

through sobs

He continued his story through stifled sobs.

with a sob

‘Why didn't you tell me?’ she asked with a sob.

sob from

a sob from George

a sob of despair, a sob of pain, a sob of relief

a great sob of despair

quietly, silently, softly
hysterically, uncontrollably, wildly

He was pleading, almost sobbing, first silently and then aloud.

begin to, start to

He began to sob uncontrollably.

hear sb

I heard a child sob loudly.


She began sobbing into her pillow.


She was sobbing with pain and fear.

sob your heart out
begin sobing, start sobing

She started sobbing hysterically.

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