1 people who have shared customs and laws
larger, wider

the position of women within the family and the wider society

entire, whole

An entire society has been corrupted.

contemporary, modern

a place for people excluded from mainstream society


He wanted to create a new society.


the role of women in an advanced industrial society

egalitarian, free, just, liberal, open
civilized, good, humane

a vision of the good society


the consumerist values of the affluent society

consumer, consumerist
disposable (esp. AmE), throwaway (esp. BrE)

Our disposable society must be encouraged to recycle.

diverse, multicultural, multiracial, pluralistic

the celebration of a culturally diverse society

divided, stratified

Years of high unemployment have left society deeply divided.


the relationship between the state and civil society


a theory on the basis of human society

matriarchal, patriarchal

She was marrying into Rio's high society.

capitalist, democratic, feudal, political, socialist, etc.
industrial, post-industrial, pre-industrial

governments in the advanced industrial societies

agricultural, information, scientific, technological

the global information society

Islamic, Muslim, Western, etc.
rural, urban, village (BrE)
decent, polite

Such language would not be used in polite society.

build, create

the struggle to build a just society

change, shape, transform

the path to becoming a secular society

permeate, pervade

the greed that pervades modern society

fit into

Prisoners often have problems fitting into society on their release.

live in

We live in a society dominated by men.

be based on sth

a society based on social justice


US society is becoming more unequal.

in (a) society, within (a) society

the role of television in modern Western society

a cross-section of society

The clinic deals with a wide cross-section of society.

the fabric of society

The civil war tore apart the fabric of society.

the higher echelons of society, the top echelons of society

Officers were drawn largely from the top echelons of society.

a level of society, a rank of society, a stratum of society

Child cruelty exists at all levels of society.

a member of society

welfare reforms to protect the most vulnerable members of society

an outcast from society, an outcast of society

She devoted herself to helping the outcasts of society.

a pillar of society

He considered himself to be a pillar of society.

One of the pillars of society must be that everyone has access to the legal system.

your place in society, your rank in society

A person's job is one of the factors that determines their place in society.

a contributing member of society (esp. AmE), a productive member of society

We help offenders to become productive members of society.

the rest of society

He felt isolated from the rest of society.

a section of society, a sector of society, a segment of society

Every section of society must have access to education.

society as a whole

The research examines minorities and their relation to society as a whole.

society at large

Health standards have risen in society at large.

society in general

the benefits for society in general

the structure of society

the class structure of our society

2 organization formed for a particular purpose
debating, drama (esp. BrE), dramatic (esp. BrE), historical, horticultural (BrE), music, musical (esp. BrE), religious, etc.

a member of an amateur dramatic society

medical, professional, scientific, etc.

He is a member of numerous professional societies.


a local historical society

belong to

She belongs to the historical society.

become a member of, join
create, establish, form, found, set up, start
in a/the society

She was active in the Society for Women's Suffrage.

society for

a society for the prevention of cruelty to animals

society of

the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders

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