1 piece of music with words
beautiful, good, great
catchy (informal), memorable
classic, famous, popular

He had a string of hit songs in the 1970s.

mournful, sad
blues, country, dance, folk, pop, rap, etc.

an Irish folk song

patriotic, protest, religious

a protest song written in the sixties

love, slow, torch

The band were still playing slow songs.

emotional ballads and heartfelt torch songs

bawdy (BrE), drinking, football (BrE), rugby (BrE)

After a few drinks, they were all singing bawdy songs at the top of their voices.

Christmas, novelty

A Christmas novelty song was playing on the radio.

theme, title

the theme song from ‘The Godfather’

the title song from the Beatles' album ‘Help!’


She closed the concert by singing her signature song.

cover, original

He released an album of cover songs.

siren (figurative)

People can become vulnerable to the siren song of extremism.

swan (usually swansong) (= last piece of work or last performance by an actor, musician, etc.)

This film was the swansong for Basil Rathbone in the role of Sherlock Holmes.

compose, write
do, make, perform, play, sing

They performed another two songs as encores.

Sing us a song, Susanna!


I downloaded a song from the Internet.

listen to
come on, play

A rap song came on the radio.


How does the song go?


The old songs sound like Gregorian chants.

be called

a song called ‘Mona Lisa’

lyric, lyrics
writer (usually songwriter)

a singer-songwriter

in (a/the) song

Important historical events were commemorated in song.

song about

a song about love

the same old song (esp. AmE, often figurative)

They continue to sing the same old song they have been singing for years.

2 act of singing
break into, burst into

He strummed a couple of chords on the guitar and they all burst into song.

in song

He heard voices raised in song.

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