absolute, full, unlimited

Demonstrators demanded full sovereignty for the self-proclaimed republic.

joint, shared (both esp. BrE)
national, popular
British, Japanese, etc.
consumer, economic, legal, parliamentary (esp. BrE), political, state, territorial, tribal

Native American tribal sovereignty

exercise, have

China exercises sovereignty over Hong Kong.

claim, establish
give sb/sth, grant sb/sth
cede, give up, relinquish, surrender, transfer, turn over (esp. AmE)

In 1949 the Dutch ceded sovereignty of the Dutch East Indies to the Indonesian Republic.

recognize, respect

We must respect the sovereignty of member states.

reside in sb/sth, reside with sb/sth

Sovereignty resides with the people.

sovereignty over

The treaty gave Edward III sovereignty over Calais and the whole of Aquitaine.

the handover of sovereignty, the return of sovereignty, the transfer of sovereignty

the handover of sovereignty to the new government

fears about the transfer of sovereignty to the European Union

the loss of sovereignty

Politicians were alarmed over the potential loss of national sovereignty.

the partial loss of sovereignty to supranational institutions

a claim to sovereignty

Two countries have a claim to sovereignty over the islands.

the sovereignty of Parliament (esp. BrE), the sovereignty of the people

This constitutes an attack on the sovereignty of Parliament.

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