1 empty area
large, vast, wide-open

She left a large space empty at the bottom of the page.

He loved the wide-open spaces of Australia.

adequate, ample, enough, sufficient

The new house has ample living space.

limited, little, small, tiny

the narrow space between the sofa and the wall

confined, enclosed

Avoid using the cleaner in a confined space.

available, free, vacant

The exhibition takes up most of the available space in the gallery.

I was looking for a free parking space.

blank, empty, white

Fill in the blank spaces in the table.

The page layout included plenty of white space.

floor, roof, shelf, wall, etc.
crawl (AmE)

the crawl space under my house

office, work (usually workspace)

an open-plan workspace

personal, private

She moved out of the house because she wanted her own personal space.

public, social

The inner residential areas don't have many green spaces.

air (usually airspace)

The plane strayed into French airspace.

ad (informal), advertising

The magazine is struggling to fill all its advertising space.

commercial, retail
exhibition, gallery

a large amount of space

fill, occupy
make use of, take up, use

The potted plants take up too much space.


He was sharing office space with a lawyer.

create, make, provide

They moved the sofa to make space for the piano.


We'd better clear a space for the new computer.

fill, fill in
compete for, fight for, jostle for

A motley collection of ornaments jostled for space on the crowded shelf.

stare into, stare off into

She sat there motionless, staring into space.

space between

the space between the bookshelves

be short of space, run short of space

I'm running short of disk space.

time and space

The writer lacked the time and space to develop his idea fully.

a waste of space (often figurative)

You are a pathetic waste of space!

2 vast area containing planets, stars, etc.
go into
exploration, programme/program, research, science
flight, tourism, travel

They intend to begin manned space missions next year.

capsule, probe, rocket, ship (usually spaceship), shuttle, station
in space

the first man in space

the depths of space, the edge of space

these wonderful pictures from the edge of space

space and time

the fabric of space and time

the vacuum of space
the vastness of space
3 period of time
brief, short
two-second, ten-minute, etc.

The recording includes a five-second space between tracks.

breathing (figurative)

The extension of the deadline gives us a breathing space.

for the space of

The job holder will be on probation for the space of six months.

in the space of, within the space of

He fell asleep in the space of a few minutes.

space of

She returned to top-class tennis after a space of two years.

a space of time

They have achieved a great deal in a short space of time.

at intervals, equally, evenly, regularly

The nails should be spaced at regular intervals.

Make sure the posts are spaced evenly apart.

well, widely
apart, out

The fruits should be well spaced out so that they are not touching each other.


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