leading, top

a leading cancer specialist

experienced, qualified, trained
academic, industry, professional, research, technical
clinical, hospital, medical, public-health
cancer, ear, ear, nose and throat, eye, fertility, heart, mental-health, skin
finance, financial, marketing, property (BrE), tax
recruitment (esp. BrE)
development, education, foreign-policy, technology

a rural-development specialist

communications, computer, information-technology (abbreviated to IT), software, systems
intelligence, security

a new generation of computer security specialists

bring in, hire

They brought in an outside specialist to install the computer system.

consult, see

He went to see a cancer specialist.

specialist in

She is a specialist in children's literature.

specialist on

a specialist on the history of this city

a group of specialists, a team of specialists
a specialist in the field

The book is written by a noted specialist in the field.

Specialist is used with these nouns: ↑advice, ↑editor, ↑equipment, ↑expertise, ↑field, ↑help, ↑input, ↑journal, ↑knowledge, ↑library, ↑magazine, ↑nature, ↑nurse, ↑outlet, ↑producer, ↑publication, ↑publisher, ↑qualification, ↑reader, ↑retailer, ↑shop, ↑skill, ↑subject, ↑surgeon, ↑teacher, ↑training, ↑treatment

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