1 lamp

They shone the spotlight on a woman at the back of the audience.

step into

He stepped into the spotlight to the wild applause of the crowd.

be on sb/sth, fall on sb/sth, shine on sb/sth
in the spotlight, under the spotlight

It was hot under the spotlights.

2 public attention/interest

After the defeat, he tried to avoid the harsh spotlight of the media.

international, national, public
media, political
come into, come under (both esp. BrE)

This issue will come under the spotlight at tomorrow's meeting.

be thrust into, step into, take

She was suddenly thrust into the political spotlight.

bring sth into
focus, put, shine, throw, turn

These revelations threw a spotlight on the shakiness of the economy.


He will want to keep the spotlight on the divisions within the party.


The captain had to share the spotlight with the new young star.

grab, hog, steal

He accused her of hogging the spotlight.

shun, shy away from

The President has never been one to shun the spotlight.

be on sb/sth, fall on sb/sth, shine on sb/sth, turn on sb/sth
away from the spotlight
in the spotlight, under the spotlight

The quality of our food is back in the spotlight.

out of the spotlight

The affair is now out of the spotlight.

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