cold, hot, warm
clotted, congealed, dried
arterial, venous
aristocratic, blue, noble, pure, royal

I doubt if I have a single drop of aristocratic blood in my veins.

African, Irish, Mediterranean, etc.
animal, human
drop, pool, trickle

The body lay in a pool of blood.

A thin trickle of blood ran down from a cut above her eye.

spots, traces

He worked to remove all traces of blood.


She'd lost a lot of blood and doctors decided to do a transfusion.

shed, spill (literary)

He was a hot-headed youth, always too quick to shed blood.

donate, give

The hospital appealed for more people to donate blood.


The heart pumps blood around the body.

collect, draw

Samples of blood were drawn using sterile syringes.

choke on

He choked on his own blood after being shot in the throat.

smear, wipe

There was blood smeared down his shirt.

dribble, drip, flow, gush, ooze, run, seep, splash, spurt, stream, trickle, well, well up

Blood oozed slowly from the corner of his mouth.


The blood spread rapidly from where he lay.

spatter sth, splatter

Blood spattered the seats of the vehicle.

soak sth, soak into sth
cake sth, stain sth

Dried blood caked his hands.

clot, coagulate, congeal

He rubbed his limbs vigorously to get the blood circulating.

course, rush, surge

I felt the blood coursing in my veins as I ran.

The blood rushed to her face as she realized her error.

pound, pulse

The blood pounded in her ears.


The blood drained from his face when I told him the news.

freeze, run cold, turn cold, turn to ice

Our blood ran cold at the thought of how easily we could have been killed.

group, type (esp. AmE)

What blood group are you? (BrE)

What blood type do you have? (AmE)

sample, test

Her white blood cell count is slightly elevated.

donation, donor
circulation, flow, supply (see also blood pressure, blood vessel)
clot, coagulation
disease, disorder, poisoning
cholesterol, glucose, sugar
in blood

His shirt was soaked in blood.

in sb's/the blood

Traces of an illegal substance were found in his blood.

blood from

My handkerchief was soaked in blood from my nose.

caked in blood, caked with blood

The dog's fur was caked in blood when we found him.

covered in blood, covered with blood

He was lying on the floor, covered in blood.

in cold blood

He shot them in cold blood (= in a way that was planned and deliberately cruel).

Collocations dictionary. 2013.

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