elite (esp. AmE), great, high, superior
inferior, low, lowly

low-status jobs


The relative status of the speakers affects what language is used.


The Institute has now achieved full status as part of the University.

privileged, special
insider, outsider

My outsider status granted me special insights.

economic, educational, employment, financial, occupational, professional, social, socio-economic

a payment made to every individual irrespective of employment status


the minority status of Catholics in Virginia

health, HIV

He has told family and friends of his HIV status.


They argued that the email had no signature and therefore no legal status.

citizenship (esp. AmE), immigrant, immigration, refugee, resident

A majority voted for fully independent status for the region.

charitable, charity (both esp. BrE)

The organization has charitable status.

non-profit, not-for-profit (both esp. AmE)
college, foundation (both BrE)

hospitals that have been given foundation status

tax-exempt (esp. AmE)

the United States' rise to superpower status

celebrity, star, superstar

He achieved celebrity status through his role in a popular sitcom.

canonical, classic, cult, legendary

a car from the 50s that has acquired cult status

enjoy, have

The teaching profession has a low status in this country.

This sort of bike has status among teenagers.

achieve, acquire, attain, gain, get

Marrying a rich woman helped him achieve status.

They have acquired refugee status.

bring sb, give sb

Owning the yacht has given them status.

accord, attach, confer, give

High social status is attached to the legal profession.


At last James had an office that befitted his status.

enhance, improve, raise

They are campaigning to raise the status of nurses.

elevate to

The show has been elevated to cult status.

cement, confirm

This performance confirmed her status as a world-class athlete.

maintain, retain

Churches seem to have lost some of their status.

apply for

She applied for resident status but was turned down.

check, clarify, determine

Officers could determine their legal status.

deny sb, refuse sb

Women are still denied equal status in the company.


Scars are status symbols among mountain-bike riders.

status as

China's status as an economic superpower

status among

The company has managed to maintain its status among retailers.

status of

the status of women

change in status

the change in status of teachers

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