1 in walking, running, etc.
large, small
heavy, light
quick, slow

I gasped and took an involuntary step back.

shaky, unsteady
go, take

He'd only gone a few steps when he realized he'd left his keys behind.


You might find your ticket if you retrace your steps back to the car.

step (away) from

She was only a step away from the cliff edge.

step towards/toward

He took a hesitant step towards/toward her.

a spring in your step

I had a spring in my step when I walked into that office for the last time.

a step ahead, a step behind (both often figurative)

He lagged a few steps behind.

She's always one step ahead of the competition.

a step back, a step backwards/backward
a step forward
a step sideways
a step closer

We've moved a step closer to independence.

with each step, with every step

He grew fainter with every step.

2 in dancing
jive, tango, etc.
execute, perform

He executed some dance steps for the judges.

keep in

She had trouble keeping in step with the others.

in step, out of step (with)

He was out of step with the music.

3 action taken in order to achieve sth
big, considerable, giant, huge, massive (esp. BrE)
critical, crucial, decisive, essential, great, historic, important, key, major, significant, vital
first, initial, preliminary
final, last
additional, extra, further, next

What's the next step?

logical, necessary, reasonable

We shall take all necessary steps to prevent public disorder.

forward, positive
backward, retrograde (esp. BrE)

The new law is seen by many as a backward step.

bold, brave
dramatic, drastic, extraordinary, rare, unprecedented, unusual
irreversible, irrevocable

It suddenly struck her that having a baby was an irrevocable step.

careful, precautionary
faltering, tentative

They have taken their first tentative steps towards/toward democracy.

immediate, urgent

I shall take immediate steps to have this matter put right.


One false step could mean disaster.

number, series
go, make, take

If you follow all the steps, nothing will go wrong.

step in

The move was a first step in establishing a union.

step towards/toward

The talks mark a step towards/toward peace.

a step closer (to sth)

Greece moved a step closer to the final with last night's win.

a short step from sth to sth

It's only a short step from disorder to complete chaos.

a step back, a step backwards/backward

This can only be seen as a step backward.

a step forward

The offer constitutes a considerable step forward.

We seemed to be taking three steps forward and one step back.

step by step

a step-by-step guide to setting up an aquarium

a step further

If he goes one step further with this crazy idea, I'll resign.

a step in the right direction

The new speed limit does not solve the problem, but it is a step in the right direction.

a step on the road to sth, a step on the way to sth
4 on stairs, a ladder, etc.
bottom, top
door (usually doorstep)
mind (esp. BrE)

Mind the step!

on a/the step

She paused on the top step.

a step down, a step up

There are three steps down to the kitchen.

5 steps set of steps
porch (esp. AmE)
concrete, marble, wooden, etc.

You have to go up four flights of steps to get up to the roof.

go up, run up, walk up

She went up the steps to the side entrance.

ascend, climb, mount
go down, run down, walk down
sit on
lead to sth

The front steps lead to an enormous terrace.

step to

the steps to the roof

step down to, step up to

the steps down to the pool

the bottom of the steps, the foot of the steps, the top of the steps
briskly, quickly
hastily, smartly (esp. BrE)

He stepped back hastily from the edge.

quietly, silently
delicately, lightly
carefully, cautiously, gingerly

He stepped gingerly over the cat.

aside, away, back, backwards/backward, close, down, forth (esp. AmE), forward, inside, out, outside, up

Would you like to step inside for a few minutes?

across, from, in, in front of, into, on, onto, out of, over, towards/toward

Don't step in the puddle.

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