1 part of the body where food is digested
empty, full

You shouldn't drink wine on an empty stomach (= without eating food).

dodgy (BrE, informal), queasy, upset

She's been off work with an upset stomach.


You need a strong stomach to go on the giant roller coaster.

sensitive, weak

the sound of my rumbling stomach


The smell of the dog turned his stomach.


He ordered a sandwich to settle his stomach.

settle in

A feeling of nausea settled in her stomach.


He had his stomach pumped after taking an overdose.

churn, heave, lurch

My stomach lurched as another big wave hit the boat.

growl, rumble
clench, knot (esp. AmE), knot up (esp. AmE), tighten, turn, turn over, twist
ache, ailment (esp. AmE), bug, cancer, complaint (esp. BrE), cramps, disorder, illness (esp. BrE), pain, problems, ulcer, upset

The drug can cause mild stomach upset.

He had a stomach upset. (BrE)

lining, wall
acid, juices

Human remains were found among the stomach contents of the shark.

pump, tube
in the/your stomach

The pains in his stomach were becoming worse.

enzymes in the stomach

She had a horrible sinking feeling in her stomach.

the contents of your stomach

He violently emptied the contents of his stomach.

feel sick to your stomach, sth makes you sick to your stomach

It makes me sick to my stomach to hear such stupid attitudes.

the pit of your stomach

I felt a sickening feeling in the pit of my stomach when I saw the ambulance.

get a knot in your stomach, have a knot in your stomach
your stomach is in knots (esp. AmE)

I would get knots in my stomach because I was so scared.

2 front part of the body below the chest
firm, flat, toned, washboard
bulging, fat, flabby, large
bloated, swollen
hold in, pull in, suck in

He sucked in his stomach as he walked along the beach.

lie on, roll (over) onto
clutch, hold

‘Call a doctor!’ he said, clutching his stomach.

pat, rub

‘I'm eating for two now!’ she said, patting her stomach.

kick (sb in), punch (sb in), stab (sb in), etc.

He was stabbed in the stomach during a street brawl.

protrude, stick out
injury (esp. BrE), strain (BrE), wound
on the/your stomach

I lay on my stomach on the beach.

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