effective, good, sound (esp. AmE), successful, winning
bad, poor
alternative, different
clear, coherent, simple
long-term, medium-term, short-term
basic, broad, general, overall

Their overall strategy is good, but one or two of the details could be improved.


a key strategy to increase sales

global, international, national

a global marketing strategy

draft (esp. BrE)

The committee drew up a draft strategy for dealing with future floods.

dual, two-pronged

The government has employed a dual strategy to achieve these two objectives.

innovative, radical
high-risk (esp. BrE), risky

The company adopted aggressive marketing strategies to sell its products.

defensive, offensive (esp. AmE), proactive
prevention, preventive

Her rudeness was a deliberate strategy to provoke him.

economics-based, market-oriented, etc.

a customer-oriented business strategy

anti-inflationary, anti-racist, etc.

We all have different coping strategies for times of stress.


No one has yet come up with an exit strategy for the troops.

defence/defense, military
campaign, election, electoral, government, political
instructional (AmE), pedagogic, teaching
business, commercial, company, corporate, financial, investment, management, marketing, pricing, product, promotional, recruitment, research, sales

resource management strategies

economic, energy, environmental, industrial, legislative, etc.
design, develop, devise, draw up, formulate, map out, plan, plot (esp. AmE), work out

A coherent strategy for getting more people back to work needs to be developed.

The charity is drawing up a strategy to meet the needs of the homeless.

The committee is meeting today in Washington to plot strategy. (AmE)


It is certainly a strategy worth exploring.

choose, decide, decide on
adopt, employ, execute (esp. AmE), follow, implement, pursue, use, utilize (esp. AmE)

They're pursuing a strategy of massive retaliation.

describe, outline, set out, unveil

The document sets out the government's new strategy.

propose, suggest
change, rethink, revise

The company will now focus its strategy on its core business areas.

be based on sth
be aimed at sth, be designed to do sth

a strategy aimed at reducing the risk of accidents

consist of sth, involve sth
depend on sth, hinge on sth (esp. AmE), rely on sth

This strategy relies on property prices continuing to rise.

succeed, work

The company's financial strategy is not working.

backfire, fail
development, formulation
meeting, session (esp. AmE)
document, paper

a strategy game set during the Civil War

in a/the strategy

the key idea in their strategy

strategy for

to develop an effective strategy for change

strategy on

the party's strategy on poverty

strategy towards/toward

a comprehensive strategy towards/toward regional development

a change in strategy

The coming year may herald a change in strategy for major publishers.

the adoption of a strategy, the development of a strategy, the formulation of a strategy

The money is earmarked for the development of new product and sales strategies.

the implementation of a strategy, the pursuit of a strategy

Their single-minded pursuit of this controversial strategy led to their fall from power.

part of a strategy

He pretended that resigning was part of his long-term career strategy.

Collocations dictionary. 2013.

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