1 of a brush, pen, etc.
long, short
broad (often figurative), thick

I will outline in broad strokes our main ideas.

narrow, thin
bold, vigorous

She caught his likeness with a few bold pen strokes.

quick, slow
downward, upward
horizontal, vertical
brush (usually brushstroke), pen, pencil
with a stroke of the pen

With a stroke of the pen our names were removed from the register.

2 in sports
fast, quick
slow, smooth

The Romanian rowers pulled ahead with powerful strokes.

backhand, forehand (in tennis, etc.)
downward, upward

He played some powerful backhand strokes throughout the game.

by a stroke, two strokes, etc. (in golf)

Woods leads by two strokes.

a stroke, two strokes, etc. ahead, a stroke, two strokes, etc. behind (in golf)
3 in swimming
swim (AmE), swimming
long, short

He swam back with long, slow strokes.

fast, slow
powerful, strong
do, swim

You can't swim more than four strokes before you reach the other side.

4 sudden illness of the brain
acute, crippling, debilitating, disabling (esp. BrE), massive, serious
mild, minor, slight
fatal, non-fatal

This regimen substantially reduces the risks of recurrent stroke.

have, suffer

She had a massive stroke and lost her speech.

leave sb … 

The stroke left him in a wheelchair.

patient, survivor, victim
5 sth that happens unexpectedly

I had a sudden stroke of inspiration.

at a stroke, at one stroke

They lost half their fortune at a stroke.

stroke of

a stroke of genius

a stroke of bad luck, a stroke of fortune, a stroke of good fortune, a stroke of good luck, a stroke of luck
NOTE: Swimming strokes
do (the) … , swim (the) … 

a swimmer doing the crawl

I can't swim butterfly.

strike out in/with … 

She struck out for the shore with a strong crawl.

a lap of …  (AmE), a length of … 

He did 15 lengths of backstroke every morning.

100 metres/meters … , 200 metres/meters … , etc.

the 100 metres/meters butterfly

men's … , women's … 

the women's freestyle

compete in … , take part in …  (esp. BrE)

They're competing in the breaststroke.

in the … 

He came first in the 200 metres/meters backstroke.

gently, lightly, slowly, softly, tenderly

He stroked his beard thoughtfully.

absently, absent-mindedly, idly

She stroked his hair absently.

away, back (both esp. BrE)

She gently stroked away his tears.

He stroked back his hair.

Stroke is used with these nouns as the subject: ↑hand
Stroke is used with these nouns as the object: ↑back, ↑beard, ↑cat, ↑cheek, ↑chin, ↑dog, ↑ego, ↑hair, ↑key, ↑mane, ↑moustache, ↑penis

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