basic, simple
complex, elaborate
coherent, logical
rigid, stable

The flimsy structure of the vehicle could not withstand even mild impacts.

internal, underlying

The overall structure of the book is divided into three components.

solid, three-dimensional
concrete, steel, wooden, etc.
anatomical, body, bone, skeletal, skeleton
atomic, cell, cellular, chemical, genetic, molecular
grammatical, language, linguistic, sentence, syntactic
administrative, bureaucratic, command, committee, control, corporate, governance, hierarchical, institutional, management, organizational, power, etc.

the US military command structure

economic, financial, political, social, etc.

the social structure of the town

democratic, federal, etc.
family, household

policies that undermine the traditional family structure

pay, price, salary, tax, wage

The job lacked a basic career structure.

be based on
build, create, develop, devise, establish

to devise a new management structure


The cells are stacked up to form a honeycomb structure.

alter, change
be based on sth
of a … structure

The cell walls of plants are of a rigid structure.

in a/the structure

There are weaknesses in the structure of the organization.

a change in the structure, a change to the structure

significant changes in the power structure

a lack of structure

The novel suffers from a lack of structure.

beautifully, carefully, clearly, properly (esp. BrE), well

She had structured her arguments very carefully.


a loosely structured organization

rigidly, tightly

a tightly structured drama

differently, similarly
formally, hierarchically, logically
according to

The organization is structured according to business principles.


The teaching is structured around three topics.


The nation was structured as a federation of states.


Relations between women and men are structured by gender.


The company is structured into two divisions.

highly structured

a complex but highly structured procedure

Structure is used with these nouns as the object: ↑deal, ↑idea

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