1 good results
enormous, great, immense, massive
considerable, real, tremendous
conspicuous, notable, remarkable, spectacular
extraordinary, incredible, phenomenal
amazing, astonishing, overwhelming, stunning, surprising
unparalleled, unprecedented
limited, moderate, modest, partial, relative

The campaign had only limited success.


the mixed success of the project

popular, public
early, initial
eventual, ultimate

Their ultimate success has yet to be determined.


the recent success of films from Mexico

continued, continuing
long-term, short-term

the overall success of the project


He was pleased with his apparent success.

artistic, business, commercial, economic, entrepreneurial, financial
academic, educational, electoral, literary, military, professional, etc.
material, worldly

the immediate satisfaction of worldly success

international, worldwide

The company's excellent marketing has resulted in enormous international success.

amount, degree, level, rate

Initially the venture enjoyed a fair amount of success.

achieve, attain, enjoy, have, notch up

She had little success in getting new customers.

He is eager to notch up another success.


We were celebrating our success.

experience, find

artists who have experienced some initial success


A change of management failed to bring success.

end in, lead to, result in

The year-long fight for permission to build the house ended in success.

assure, ensure, guarantee

We can't guarantee immediate success.

assess, determine, evaluate, gauge, judge, measure

These issues determine success in the global marketplace.


the test's ability to predict success in college

be vital to

Your contribution was vital to the success of the concert.

affect, influence

Researchers have claimed great success with this approach.


He attributes his success to having a stable family life.


I owe my success to him.

repeat, replicate

Several people have reported success with this approach.


Success didn't come overnight—she struggled for years before making any money.

lie (in sth)

Much of his success lies in his skill in handling staff.

depend on sth, hinge on sth, rely on sth, rest on sth

The success or failure of the project depends on how committed the managers are.

The bank's success rests on several factors.

breed sth

That kind of financial success breeds confidence.


The operation has a success rate of over 80%.


The company has been one of the success stories of the past decade.


one of the key success factors

with success

It has already been used with great success.

without success

She tried to persuade them, without success.

success in

I've had some success in getting rid of the weeds.

success with

the secret of his success with women

a chance of success, a hope of success

What are our chances of success?

We're trying to get him to sponsor us, but there's not much hope of success.

confident of success

She had worked hard and was confident of success.

the key to success, the secret of (sb's) success
a lack of success
a symbol of (sb's) success
2 sth that achieves its aim
resounding, roaring, rousing (AmE), runaway, smashing (AmE), tremendous

The band's new album has been a runaway success.

amazing, considerable, conspicuous, extraordinary, incredible, notable, outstanding, phenomenal, real, remarkable, spectacular, stunning
big, enormous, great, huge, immense, major, massive
complete, total
unparalleled, unprecedented, unqualified
moderate, modest, qualified
box-office, business, commercial, critical, economic, popular

The book proved a major commercial success.

immediate, instant, overnight
be, prove

We had one or two outstanding successes.

judge sth

The event was judged a success by its organizers.


She's made a real success of that job.


The movement has scored some notable successes.

wish sb (every) success

We are sad to see Hiroko go, and wish her every success in the future.

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