1 proposal
constructive, excellent, good, helpful, interesting, intriguing, positive, practical, reasonable, sensible, useful, valuable
absurd, bizarre, preposterous, ridiculous, stupid
subtle, tentative, vague

This is a book full of provocative suggestions.

concrete, simple, specific

They made three specific suggestions.


Does anyone have any suggestions for a title?

I've had several helpful suggestions from colleagues.

come up with, give sb, make, offer, provide, put forward

Can you give us any suggestions for a slogan?

May I make a suggestion?

send, submit

Please send your suggestions via email to … 

accept, act on, adopt, follow, implement, take up (esp. BrE)

I think we might take up the suggestion of printing the books in Hong Kong.

take sb up on

May we take you up on your suggestion of sharing the costs for the party?

deny, dismiss, ignore, reject, resist

They dismissed the suggestion that they hadn't worked hard.

He rejected my suggestion as impractical.

appreciate, welcome

I'd appreciate any suggestions you may have.

consider, look at, note

We have noted your suggestion and will give it due consideration.


Employee suggestion boxes invite raw ideas.

at the suggestion of

At the suggestion of his boss, he resigned.

suggestion about, suggestion as to, suggestion concerning, suggestion on, suggestion regarding

Management welcomes practical suggestions on how to improve the facilities.

suggestion for

suggestions for further reading

amid suggestions that …  (esp. BrE)

She left the country amid suggestions that she had stolen from the company.

be open to suggestion, be open to suggestions

I'm not sure what to do with all this money, but I'm open to suggestion.

I'm open to suggestions on how we should proceed.

2 communicating without stating directly

analgesia through hypnotic suggestion

by suggestion, through suggestion

There's no scientific basis to the method—it works by suggestion.

the power of suggestion

These healers claim to remove the pain by the power of suggestion.

3 trace of sth
faint, mere, slightest, vague

Her eyes contained a strong suggestion of mischief.

carry, have
at the suggestion of

At the slightest suggestion of criticism, he loses his temper.

suggestion of

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